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    Old Newby

    Think I want a to start something small. Neat. Maybe a reef aquarium with accoutrements. Any starting points?
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    Old Newby

    Just getting back into the hobby for my 14 year old daughter. Looking to set up something small and easy. Give me your suggestions. What's the best store in BR? Any good used equipment available? Good to be back!
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    Not new just haven't been on in a while!

    Hello all, it has been a few years since I have been on this Board. Tank still up and running just not well, had to break it down and leave fish in tubs and garbage cans for a few weeks while floors were replaced, tank never recovered. Trying to get back into it and alleviate the eyesore that...
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    Question that needs a Lawyer's Answer

    Let me know if I can help.
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    My Hydor Koralia just died

    Will do. Thanks
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    My Hydor Koralia just died

    I noticed it was not working and I reached in to tap it. The small cut on my finger tingled from the presence of stray current. I removed the powerhead and searched for warranty information. I was lucky enough to find all of my receipts and packaging and I was also pleased to find that the...
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    Starting a discussion

    I would love to see the LFS shift their paradigm and make themselves more competitive. Imagine if you will: If I order something specific, pay for it in advance, I get a deep discount. The caveat is if it arrives DOA or in anything less than pristine condition, I still pay a certain...
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    Saints training camp thread.

    This is to good to be true. Saints and Reefing in one place! SWWWWWEEEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!!
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    Starting a discussion

    edited post. thanks blame my IT here at work.
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    Starting a discussion

    Great point. I support local when I can, and I do the online thing when the savings are just to much to not consider. A LFS patron should pay a premium for info and help. I just don't know if you can set an objective list (grading scale for comparison) to anything in this hobby. But I...
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    Starting a discussion

    No pics, but I will try to get some. Problem is it is never really oranges to oranges. Its personal taste, personalities and many other variables.
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    Starting a discussion

    Just wanted to post my experiences. I have never been much for LFS. The quality, price and paying sales tax was a bigger turnoff than the convenience and instant gratification LFS purchase provide. So I went through the traditional online search and destroy. Stuff arriving dead, CSR...
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    Updated pics of my Mixed Reef

    Nice tank
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    Reef Coral

    That was you.