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    Red Bubble Tip Anemone in Baton Rouge

    If you're still looking, I have some. I'm just a mile off exit 166 I-10 - Highland Road. Text me if interested - four oh four six nine four six thousand six
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    It's a sad day

    Use the 1/2" clear netting available at BRS. It's used typically for birds. The holes are big enough to drop food through but small enough to block all but the smallest fish. You can get the rest of the screening supplies either from BRS or locally at Home Depot and/or Lowes...
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    Where can flex PVC be purchased in Louisiana!!!

    Brother's Ace Hardware in Baton Rouge stocks it in a couple of different sizes. Millerville Rd. about 1 mile off I-12, exit #6.
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    Apex jr.

    What you need is the gaming adapter. Netgear makes a WNCE2001 that is tiny, inexpensive and works great. The WXM is only for wireless communications to Vortech pumps.
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    Huge roaches

    FWIW, my wife uses something other than a spray - it looks kind of like dough balls that she puts in corners and dark spaces, cabinets, etc. You need to keep it away from where pets could get it but it attracts the roaches, they eat it and then die. Just another option.
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    AquaC EV-240 skimmer and Mag 18 pump

    I've got a EV-240 skimmer and Mag 18 pump for sale. $250. Works fine, nothing wrong just way too big for my tank. Has the 1" nozzle on it and runs a full 1" hose from the pump. Rated for 100 - 240 gallon tanks. Here's the specs on it from AquaC...
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    RBTA keep splitting

    If you want one today, I've got a ton of them, all different sizes. If you want to stop by and pick one out you can. Text me is best - four oh four six nine four six zero zero six. Alan
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    mp40 parts

    I've got a non-ES wireless pump control board from when I upgraded a pump to ES.
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    LF Bulkheads

    Probably too far but John stocks a variety of sizes at AquaHut in Prairieville.
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    Looking 10 gallons container uses as top off

    You can do a small cabinet that looks like an end table and make a hinged lid. I've also been toying with using something like this to hid the plastic container:
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    Looking 10 gallons container uses as top off

    Look online or Petsmart for dog food storage containers. Come in various sizes. I use a 16g size with a flip up lid.
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    Will_D had one.
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    I need 6 Sm Yellow Tangs - ???

    John has a tank full of them - probably 20 or 30 at Aqua Hut in Baton Rouge.
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    Kalkwasser reactor Questions

    I mix Kalk directly in my ATO reservoir, 2 tbsp/gallon roughly. I dose every time I top off. Since I have a controller, I stop the top off if my pH exceeds 8.40 which happens occasionally. IMO dosing this way is a good way to do it. Trick is to find a concentration of Kalk that is right for...
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    APEX Programming

    Reeftronics is a web site that maintains historical data for Apex users. One of the features is that you can see the programs those users have (assuming they've consented). You can look there for many programming examples.