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    Reopening Tomorrow 9/17

    Hope you bounce back Seth, when I visited down there was so nice to see a store like yours! Wish I lived closer to you :(
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    Cade 600 S2 Build

    Well because I had to raise the water level in the return chamber to stop the micro bubbles from the return pump. I made the Cade designed Gravity fed ATO useless. So today it finally came in and installed a Tunze Osmolator 3155. Using a Vittles Vault 50lb container as an ATO container...
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    Cade 600 S2 Build

    Ok so update time. Few things have changed. I've had the Apex/Trident on there for going on a few weeks. Finally got calibration solution in and calibrated the probes. Apparently solved my PH problem. Thought my PH was super low, but its been over 8.0 consistently since I calibrated the...
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    Ai Hydra 32 HD + Flex Mount

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    Ai Hydra 32 HD + Flex Mount

    Got a AI Hydra 32 HD used for 2 months and 18" Flex Mount that can go with it or without it. $300 Shipped for AI Hydra 32 or $340 Shipped with mount.
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    The panoramareef

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    Sold 6 small RRBTA’s leather and JF cooler champagne Acro

    If you were close to me :(
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    Lazys two 20s

    I would, until you are sure you are stablized.
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    Raising PH idea

    Already said I'm not running a skimmer. But good call on the window unit.
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    Raising PH idea

    As I'm not running a skimmer or a Co2 Scrubber, and I'm not positive yet of my Alk demand so I don't want to do Kalk. I'm thinking of adding a Window A/C unit to my room that has the tank in it. Could also give my main A/C some help and I could have the Window A/C unit fan on 24/7 to...
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    Cade 600 S2 Build

    Well got a PAR Meter so I was able to take some readings. Glad I did. I had the light mounted to high. Lowered it to 10" above water and values are where I want now, max 220 at top of rockwork, but the spread on this light because its a Panel LED means I still have 180 on Sandbed lol. Think...
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    This hobby is hard enough under normal conditions.

    Best advice I can give you is if you can, find someone to hold your coral until things get back up and running.
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    Tropical Depression 9

    Hope he is doing ok.
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    Sold Evacuation giveaway

    Messaged you
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    I’m sad

    Sorry to hear bud :(