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    Janny delete thread please

    There isn't a price. It's a trade. If no one has want I want then I didn't want to part with it.......I mean I'll just delete it. I don't want to sell it I want to swap it. I didn't see a side forum for trades only. I don't want to go through selling it and then having to order another and go...
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    selling $$ ATI Powermodule 24"Led T5 combo

    Still available?
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    Janny delete thread please

    Janny delete please
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    Sold F150 3.5 bumper $300

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    Reef Cleaners

    I ordered from them in early 2019 and was really happy with the quality and quantity. 2020 may have dealt a tough blow to his business. Who knows.
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    Future Reefer

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    Man I can't believe someone hasn't scooped this up. If I was in my house and not living with the parents cause of the 'cane I'd scoop this up!! The light alone would be worth it.
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    Space Invader Pectina Settling in Nicely

    Holy moly........that is awesome.
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    Question about salt

    Would you recommend the classic or the pro reef? Im leaning toward classic right now. Im looking forward to visiting your store too. Im having to wait to set my tank up. House paid the toll during Laura. As soon as its fixed and were moved back the fun begins.
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    —Indo Dragon Soul Torches—A lot

    Beautiful corals
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    ATI fixtures and Orphek LED Bar

    Is this still available?
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    Frag Tank for sale

    Interested in 32" reef breeder light if you decide to break up.
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    LF Small chunks of live rock to seed my dry rock

    Yeah I really wanted to go with TBS "the package" but to do my tank the way they suggested would have been like 700 bucks and I'd have to deal with getting it shipped to my local airport and dealing with all that mess. It just sounded super stressful. Maybe I was just being lazy and talked...
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    LF Small chunks of live rock to seed my dry rock

    I am heading back into the refinery. I will PM you when I get out. Is that Ok? I was thinking about maybe 10lbs. It's just to seed about 40lbs of dry rock that is already in the system. The tank is about 3 months old right now. I have a cad lights 45g shallow.
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    LF Small chunks of live rock to seed my dry rock

    Do you know where I can buy the stuff to seed my tank with? I've been searching but I always end up with threads about seeding with LR. Do you mean like the stuff that Indo Pacific Sea farms sells?