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    Sold Looking for Acros or Millies(nothing green)

    I have few millis in Thibodaux.
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    Sold Trimming back a Montipora. [free]

    I’m interested. I’ll pm to see how I can get it
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    Picture Of The Year Contest

    I’ll just delete my second. It was kind of a joke actually
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    Homewrecker Frags - Thibodaux

    Selling 2 frags from colony below. 1-1.5” single branch - $140 1.25-1.5” double branch - $160
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    Closed - Fish and coral for sale

    Made a purchase from here. Great corals in great health. Highly recommend.
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    Mr. Crabbys Cajun coral frag tank

    Is that my hurricane survival frag? Haha
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    New to LaRC, but have almost a year of experience in the hobby

    I don’t doubt that, but people consume web content differently these days. A slow forum does not mean a slow reefing community. A lack of activity and freshness doesn’t draw in visitors to post which causes a lack of visitors reading which causes a lack of original posters. It just becomes a...
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    New to LaRC, but have almost a year of experience in the hobby

    I’d have to disagree with this, but I’ve only been in the hobby for 4 years to know a difference. Based on the last few reefer events around me, things seem to be going well. Idk…
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    Purple stylo

    I have 2 types in Thibodaux
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    4g Nano tank for sale - Thibodaux

    Admins, can y’all move this thread? I just noticed I posted in the wrong spot.
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    4g Nano tank for sale - Thibodaux

    Package Deal - $140 Used 4g nano. Light buff scratches in acrylic. Includes: Used Kessil Tuna Blue a160WE. Cracks in the out lens (not across light) Mounting Arm NEW Kessil Spectral Controller About 5lbs Live rock 1-2lb new sand Located in Thibodaux
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    Need a nano for emergency tank

    I have a 4g in Thibodaux
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    Orange Passion Frags - Thibodaux

    Cutting again. $80 for about 1” $120 for about 2” multi branch
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    Reef Lighting Business Build Thread

    The day is finally here!! The ReefLit LitBars are finally live on Amazon! LitBar - 48" Blue Violet Reef Aquarium LED Light Bar – LED T5 Replacement - Coral Fluorescent Color and Growth - REEFLIT