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  1. Kelsi Guidry

    4 Mocha Clownfish - Thibodaux

    *Price reduction! I have 4 Mocha clownfish. 2 are for sure a pair. There is a 3rd wheel who hangs out with the pair and a single one which the other 3 harass. Mocha Pair - $65 Other 2 to try to pair - $60 Or either as a single - $30
  2. Kelsi Guidry

    Sherman Bubble Tip Anemone - price change

    I purchased a nem tank clear out from Vu in Lafayette. There were 2 large Sherman’s and a small one. I am keeping 1 large and 1 small to join a Sherman I already had. Someone lucky will be able to purchase my “extra” one. Large Sherman - $200 $170 Location - Thibodaux The one I kept. Which...
  3. Kelsi Guidry

    Reefer Families Pool Party, Thibodaux

    I’m having a party at my house for our local reefing community. Sat Jun 26th 11am-3pm. 621 Parkside Dr, Thibodaux Significant others and kids welcome. Grilling, swimming and talking reefing. If you can make it, come on!
  4. Kelsi Guidry

    Purple Blue Tip Staghorn - Thibodaux

    Located in Thibodaux. 1.5-2" - $20 2-3" multi branching - $30 3-4" big branches - $40
  5. Kelsi Guidry

    Reef Lighting Business Build Thread

    As some of you know or have seen me list light bars for sale, I’m attempting to start a basic reef lighting business. I figured a could start a build thread to show my progress and get feedback from the reefing community. The idea came to me when I began researching supplemental light bars for...
  6. Kelsi Guidry

    LED Light Bars

    I have multiple led bars from a testing batch to create a new light business. These lights are basically brand new. Obtained them to check out materials, colors, and lenses. These bars have 90degree lenses 3-48” Blue Whites - $120ea 3-36” Blue Whites - $100ea 2-36” Blue Violet - $100ea 1-24”...
  7. Kelsi Guidry


    I’m looking for rock to restart a tank. Branching rock even better.
  8. Kelsi Guidry

    Forest Fire Digi - Thibodaux

    Sm $20 Md $30 Lg SOLD The colony
  9. Kelsi Guidry

    New Custom LED bar lights

    I’m making some custom bar lights. I have 3 sizes in 2 different colors. 24” - $109 36” - $129 48” - $149 Reef Blue Reef White
  10. Kelsi Guidry

    Sold 48” Violet LED light bar

    New in box 48” Violet (410,430nm) LED light bar. Comes with wire hanging kit. $140. I’m having these Orphek replica lights made as a low cost light bar option and I have this extra one.
  11. Kelsi Guidry

    Sold Homewrecker Frag $125 - Thibodaux

    Selling the Homewrecker frag below for $150 $125. It’s about 1”. Located in Thibodaux. My mother colony below.
  12. Kelsi Guidry

    Sold Purple with blue tip Staghorn

    Trimming chunks of my stag to avoid shading. $20 about 2” $30 about 3” with multi branches
  13. Kelsi Guidry

    Sold MP10 Wet Side

    Looking for used MP10 wet side in good condition.
  14. Kelsi Guidry

    Orange Passion Frags - Thibodaux

    I have 2 Orange Passion frags in my rack. Asking $80 below is frags and my colony in white light.
  15. Kelsi Guidry

    Sold MP10 Dry Side

    Looking for MP10 dry side that magnets to the web side and connects to the quite drive.
  16. Kelsi Guidry

    Sold MJ1200 Impeller

    Looking for a spare impeller for a Cobalt MJ1200.
  17. Kelsi Guidry

    Slimeball Anacropora Frags

    Small - $40 Large - $60 Picture of large and the colony.
  18. Kelsi Guidry

    Milka Stylo Chunks - Thibodaux

    Looking to trim some large chunks off my purple stylo. $65 for a piece about this size Colony
  19. Kelsi Guidry

    Trade Zoas for Sticks?

    I’ll trade some of my sticks for some zoas. Yes, I want more zoas! I’m making a back glass zoa garden. I’m looking to trade with someone in South, LA. Closer to Thibodaux the better. Sticks I can frag: Forest Fire digi Bubblegum digi Orange digi Orange setosa Purple/milka Stylo Rainbow Stylo...
  20. Kelsi Guidry

    Kelsi's 100gal (2yr old) to now 210gal(9mth old) update

    Just showing off my tank now that it is 9mths old.