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  1. Jeremy Stutes

    Looking for Berghia Nudibranch

    Does anyone have any Berghia Nudibranch or know where I could acquire such a thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Jeremy Stutes

    Looking for zoas

    I’m looking for some zoas and a weeping willow near the Lafayette area. I’m getting ready to set up a tank for my 6 year old and want him to have some color.
  3. Jeremy Stutes

    Sold Lunar wrasse for sale

    I have a 2 month old lunar wrasse I’m looking to get rid of. I’m only getting rid of him due to the company I ordered from sending me this fish instead of the melanurus wrasse I order. This fish will out grow my tank and is very healthy. Asking $30 located in Lafayette.
  4. Jeremy Stutes

    Newbie question

    What is the purplish reddish spot that is on my rock and what kind of crab is this tiny guy?
  5. Jeremy Stutes

    Fish ID

    Can someone help me id this fish?
  6. Jeremy Stutes

    Current USA light

    I have a 2 month old Current USA 18”-24” light. The light also has the loop controller. Only selling because I upgraded from the aqueon 20 gallon to a 90 gallon. Located in Youngsville, La I’m asking $80
  7. Jeremy Stutes


    I have a hawkfish and find that he tends to get white but will typically regain some of his red color. He will get more white than in the pictures just making sure something isn’t wrong. Thanks Jeremy Stutes
  8. Jeremy Stutes

    My new used 90 gallon

    I just purchased a used Aqueon 90 Mega flow and when reinstalling the drain and return piping I am getting a leak coming down both hoses leading to my sump. Do I need to replace the 2 ring seals or is there something I’m not doing? I’m hand tightening the nut on each pipe like they were at the...
  9. Jeremy Stutes

    Reef Octopus Classic 90-HOB Skimmer

    Octo Classic 90 Hang on Back Protein Skimmer, used for only two months. I’m in Youngsville, La and I’m asking $120
  10. Jeremy Stutes

    Fish ID please

    I received this fish with a tank I just purchased and l am new to the hobby and can’t figure out what it is.
  11. Jeremy Stutes

    New to LARC and the saltwater tank world

    Hello everyone my name is Jeremy from Youngsville, LA and Im new to this whole saltwater aquarium hobby. I just received my first tank which is 20 gallons last week got it all up and running this weekend and was able to put a pair of clownfish in it that I purchased at the local fish store...