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  1. dwebster86

    Ai Hydra 32 HD + Flex Mount

    Got a AI Hydra 32 HD used for 2 months and 18" Flex Mount that can go with it or without it. $300 Shipped for AI Hydra 32 or $340 Shipped with mount.
  2. dwebster86

    Raising PH idea

    As I'm not running a skimmer or a Co2 Scrubber, and I'm not positive yet of my Alk demand so I don't want to do Kalk. I'm thinking of adding a Window A/C unit to my room that has the tank in it. Could also give my main A/C some help and I could have the Window A/C unit fan on 24/7 to...
  3. dwebster86

    Woke up to these all over the tank

    As title says. Woke up to these everywhere lol. 4 different long spots in my tank.
  4. dwebster86

    Fluval 13.5 - Different kind of tank setup

    Well starting something new and different from what I've done in the past. This tank is a 13.5g Fluval Evo. It will not be SPS/LPS/Softies. It will be a MacroAlgae/Invert tank. I MAY put in a fish or two, haven't decided yet, if I do it will probably be some type of goby/pistol shrimp...
  5. dwebster86

    Cade 600 S2 Build

    Well guess its time to start the build thread. Tank should be here in a week or so. Cade 600 S2 - 57g Display, 13.5g Sump, 24" Cube. Sicce Silent 5.0 Return Pump Nero 3 Wavemaker for Flow Fuge where the Skimmer section is (No Skimmer on this build). Miracle mud in the bottom with some rock...
  6. dwebster86


    So I'm not new to reefing, I've had multiple tanks of varying sizes throughout the past 10 years. Something I've always wanted to do but just never have is setup a refugium. I just bought the Cade Reef 600 S2 and I'm determined to do a refugium this time. Where the skimmer section is in the sump...
  7. dwebster86

    Downsizing Tank Breakdown - Livestock + Equipment

    Well wife got into an accident + Covid and I just can't keep this tank up anymore. Been wanting to downsize to a like a 40g for awhile anyways, so going to break this one completely down and start fresh next year with a smaller tank. All livestock must be sold first, then equipment and tank...
  8. dwebster86

    Rescue frag

    So a few months ago I did a trade with a guy for that old bio cube. This was one of the pieces he gave me. Thing was almost all white and I actually thought it was either dead or nearly. I stuck it in the tank anyways and kinda forgot about. Stuck it in high flow and high light but in the back...
  9. dwebster86

    I hate this fish...

  10. dwebster86

    Waterbox 25g Pennisula Mini Setup

    Well posted this everywhere else, might as well post it here. I can't say I like the All in One tanks, don't get me wrong, the tank itself is gorgeous and well made. But Im to much of an equipment junkie and I like having a sump with equipment, so this isn't working for me. Plus I could use...
  11. dwebster86

    Big Goni

    This Goni is just taking up to much space. So letting her go, she’s beautiful and don’t want to give it up but man just keeps getting bigger. Almost the size of a small soccer ball. $150
  12. dwebster86

    How to catch

    I've got this scarlet cleaner shrimp that I swear is the devil in a shrimp form. Dude pisses off my coral to no end, whenever I target feed, he's right there trying to dig the food out from the nem or goni, or duncans, etc. Whats the best way to catch this ******* without tearing apart my...
  13. dwebster86

    All my shrooms

    Making room for Euphyllia and my Gonis. My Gonis are just taking up so much space so it’s those or the shrooms. Gonis win. Posting this up here first before R2R as I’d rather trade or local pickup rather than shipping. 10 different shrooms, Yuma, ric, Bounce, rhodatics, hairy mushrooms. 1 is...
  14. dwebster86

    Anyone have an ID?

    Would like a name if anyone has it.
  15. dwebster86

    Clearing up room.

    Need space for more coral! Prices on pics. Located in Shreveport. If you wanna do a trade, I'm down for that. I'm willing to drive as far as Layafette IF the trade is worth it lol. Rather not drive at all. If you take them all, I'll discount. Zoas, Chalices, Duncans, Poli, Psammacora...
  16. dwebster86


    Anyone have any idea what this is? I can’t figure it out. I know it’s a bad pic, hard angle to get at. Any ideas?
  17. dwebster86

    Design Assistance

    So I hate the sump I have with the Waterbox 100.3, No space hardly and it just isn't what I want. Tank is amazing, just the sump. So I'm designing a new sump that will be custom. Perk of it is, Im designing it for a bigger system for future upgrade. Currently the Waterbox 100.3 is a 75g...
  18. dwebster86


    Well I ordered from Bluezoo on Saturday. Got 2 Blue legged hermits, halloween hermit, a candy stripe pistol shrimp and the Fiji Yellow Leather. Everything came extremely well packaged, super clean. They give you a little "package" now, they didn't do this years ago when I was ordering fish...
  19. dwebster86

    Aquamai KPS Powerhead w/wifi. Bashsea Media Reactor 4x12

    Aquamai KPS Powerhead works great, has controller and wifi with app download. $120 brand new. Asking $75 Bashsea Media Reactor 4x12 w/Sicce Silent 1.0 Pump - Used once for GFO and thats it. Retails w/pump for $145. Asking $100.
  20. dwebster86

    Could use some advice

    So I've been secretly wanting a Clownfish Harem/Nem only tank for quite some time, years. I freaking love Nems, not sure what it is about them, but probably my favorite coral. Those of you that remember my 180g back in the day remember my HUGE Ritteri, won me photo of the year :P So I got...