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  1. BryanJr

    Sold 6 small RRBTA’s leather and JF cooler champagne Acro

    Take it all for $30 must pick up today
  2. BryanJr

    This hobby is hard enough under normal conditions.

    I currently have my 90 which has been running for about 2.5 years. Has been growing SPS well for the last year or so. Have invested a decent amount on some frags to start growing for when my 210 was ready. Things were really starting to hit their stride. Then we lost power. For the last 2 and a...
  3. BryanJr

    LF T-5 retro fit kit (48”)

    Let me know if any of you have one you may want to get rid of. Trying to get rid of some shading on my 90.
  4. BryanJr

    Sold RR BTA (price reduced)

    Have a small one I need to get rid of. Foot is about the size of a quarter. $25. Pick up in Mandeville.
  5. BryanJr

    Nutrient levels

    I have been wondering if there is a significant difference in a low nutrient tank that has less fish, feeds less and exports less vs a system that has more fish and feeds more but exports more. All things equal in the end and gets the same reading on a test kit. Does it matter how you get there...
  6. BryanJr

    Frag tank

    Was able to get some new 1/4” laminated glass off the job site I’m working at. Thought about cutting it down to the sizes I would need for a future frag tank build. Any issue with 1/4” laminated being used for say a 24x36x9”?
  7. BryanJr

    Chromis QT

    Will be getting about 10-12 green chromis and want to make sure I get them free of all diseases, especially uronema. Is starting off with Metroplex the way to go? Or is copper then Metro once up to therapeutic ok. Do I need to also add metro to their food or is 10 days of adding metro to water...
  8. BryanJr

    Failed QT

    After getting Velvet in my 210 DT I treated my powder brown tang as he started showing symptoms. I then moved the remaining fish to a 40b and treated them as well. This included my blue and yellow tangs, puffer and flame hawk. Did the 14 days in copper power/ metro and transferred to a different...
  9. BryanJr

    New Salifert calcium test

    Started running low on my Cal test kit and got a new one. Same brand and all but noticed there is one less step. Cool, except I decided to do a comparison to see what my reading were and I got 420 (old kit) 470 (new kit). Whoa! Did it twice to confirm. Got the same results. Is it the kit or is...
  10. BryanJr

    Versa dosing pump or similar

    I am looking to start using a doser for my Kalk. I would prefer to know much I was dosing on a daily basis and be able to make adjustments as needed. These look to be one of the better ones that does not require an apex of other pieces of equipment to work. I’m noticing these are out of stock...
  11. BryanJr

    Flatworm exit

    Somewhere along the way I got flatworms in my 210. Wasn’t that concerned about it but wanted to get rid of them but had been putting it off. All of my fish are currently in QT so figured it was as good a time as any to add the Flatworm exit to eradicate them. Wound up needing to add more then...
  12. BryanJr

    Hydros vs. Apex

    Looking at getting either the EL Apex or the Hydros 4 controller. I’m liking the low cost for add ons for the Hydros. Anyone running the Hydros? Is it here any advantages to running the Apex?
  13. BryanJr

    Fish id

    Can someone I’d this fish. Thinking it’s a regal angel. yeah? It’s a bad pic but was orange with white stripes
  14. BryanJr

    Icp tests

    Are all ICP tests the same? I see one from coral Vue for $29.99. Is this just as good as the others?
  15. BryanJr

    Harlequin shrimp

    Added this guy today to help combat my astrea star population. Such a cool shrimp. Don’t know if this was a coincidence or not but after adding him seemd like the stars started migrating from the rocks and sand to the tank glass. Never seen this many on the glass at one time.
  16. BryanJr

    LF Red Planet & Pink Lemonade frag

    I’m in Mandeville but travel to New Orleans daily.
  17. BryanJr

    Small red bug ID

    While cleaning my mag float I found this small little red bug. About half the size of a flea. @The GOB any idea? The last pic is under 600x mag
  18. BryanJr

    Adding trace elements

    I’ve been using Aquaforest Reef salt and as of recently, as most of y’all already know, it’s become unavailable and will likely be a month or 2 before it’s available again. There is plenty of the regular AF salt available and as far as I can tell it’s close to the same except it doesn’t have...
  19. BryanJr

    Powder Brown Ich?

    On Thursday I noticed what I thought was a scrape on his side. Looked like our skin would if it was rubbed on something abrasive. Didn’t think much about it. Yesterday noticed some additional white spots on his fins and a little more pronounced. Pulled him out to monitor but thinking it’s Ich...
  20. BryanJr

    ID needed

    Changing my media bag out and there are tons of these in and on the bag. Flat worms?