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  1. BumpaBaaby

    Bubble magus

    I think pump 1 or 2 function properly but I know 2 of 3 pumps work. If you’re effected by Ida hit me up. It’ll be free. $25 if you weren’t
  2. BumpaBaaby

    I’m sad

    Hurricane Ida did this
  3. BumpaBaaby

    Should I?

    Should I disconnect all my apex Gear tomorrow and put it up high that way it does have a chance, even though I do have insurance? Would you? I’m evacuating my home cus of Hurricane Ida.
  4. BumpaBaaby

    Pinwheel Pinwheel

    One year later.
  5. BumpaBaaby


    3 Yellow tips $10 a piece $30 3 purple hornet, $15 bird of paradise a piece Purple and blue acro $25
  6. BumpaBaaby

    It’s 1 month

    I’ve been have been having the Apex installed on my system for one month and what I’ve learned is that my corals use more Alk at night than in the day. I’m not testing as much. I’m letting the trident do it for me. I took on the Red Sea coral colors in the place of Alk, Ca, Mg. Even then I...
  7. BumpaBaaby

    Daisy Cutter Zoa

    $25 for one $40 for two $50 for three $75 for four 4 or more we’ll work out something .
  8. BumpaBaaby

    Bill Murray

    I’ve been having this BM for quite some time now. It went from pink and green, to brown and green, to all green. But I’m seeing new growth that’s colorful!!! I’m excited
  9. BumpaBaaby

    Calibration question

    Should I calibrate my Apex to my Manual Testing or is the solution good enough? I ask because I noticed my Hanna Alkalinity checker is considerably higher than Apex reading
  10. BumpaBaaby

    I’m holding my breath…

    It’s my first video…. I’ll get better
  11. BumpaBaaby

    I hope going cheap

    I hope going cheap doesn’t go wrong Finally decided to get one. Seeing as though I can’t walk.. I’m trying to make my “job” easier
  12. BumpaBaaby

    Pros & cons

    This seems to be the same stuff (chemical balance) . What are the Pros and Cons to using this? It’s waaaaay cheaper
  13. BumpaBaaby

    Koi tang

    Pic of the Koi Scopas
  14. BumpaBaaby

    Fish ordered

    I ordered this fish today I swear I’m not spending anymore money on this tank.
  15. BumpaBaaby

    Maroon Clown

    Hopefully I catch him!
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    Can we use this for our reef?
  19. BumpaBaaby

    I should sell my Apex

    I can’t even enjoy myself. I’m not at home either
  20. BumpaBaaby

    Dosing container

    I’m looking for a dosing container with the Ml usage on it.