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    Our first Reef tank

    This pic popped up from my memories. Been looking for a pic. Our first reef tank started back in 2007. 55gal. thought it was a large tank back then til I fell in love with Tangs. LOL
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    Kalkwasser/ 2part users. Need help.

    Ok, Have been dosing fusion #1 and #2 and recently having to do a lot of increasing and try to get it balanced. Have a euphyllia dying I think because it is not so stable. Added Apex and noticed PH has a 7.71 to 7.86 swing daily. Decided we want to use Kalkwasser to be more stable at this...
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    Help please! LONG

    My mag has dropped and don't understand what is going on. I have a 2yr old mix reef 240gal (total volume about 287g) Not a lot of coral but a mix. Noticed my mag has slowly over time dropped so decided to stert dosing. I already doese fusion 1 and 2. small amounts. Can't remember numbers at the...
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    OK, My newbies so far.

    My new batch of fishes into QT so far. Still waiting on Naso. Sm. foxface- Baby Todd make lyrtail anthias- Figment Med. Powder Brown- Mator
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    Niger Triger

    Doing research but part of that is I would love other reefers personal experience. Have you had one in a reef tank? How did it go and how long? Have seen them in reefs. But listed as with caution. Is it your cuc or your corals you risk? Would you risk it?
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    I am about to have a anxiety attack. Caught my peppermint shrimp eating my Madi Gras acan lords this morning. I have to get this sucker out of my 240gal dt!!!!! Made a water bottle trap and bated and dropped it in. Any other ideas. I have brought these acans back from a fish attack before but...
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    Sea hare

    I have a sea hare arriving today and need to know the best way to acclimate it. I usually buy thing locally and drip acclimate. Do I need to do anything different with the hare?
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    Need some science?chemistry help?

    Hello, Not sure if this will be the best place but need assistance with recharging our DI resin. Has anyone done it? This is the link we are using. Stuck on the step...
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    Black and white banner butterfly needs a new home.

    Needing to rehome my black and white banner butterfly. As soon as I added corals he started eating them so needs fish only tank. It's 3 1/2 inches long by about 6 inches tall. Was fully qt'ed. Eats from my hand but is a bully. Eats all foods pellets, live, frozen and obviously corals. Need to...
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    Test Kits

    What are the best test kits for Nitrates and Phosphates?
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    How long can I wait?

    Well dang, electricity just went out. We have a generator but it is huge and I'll need to go get gas also then drag it outside. It's muddy Ugh. So how long can I wait before I need to start this up. Is a couple hours safe to see if it comes back on or should I suck it up and do it now?
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    Diamond gobies. Help?

    Recently got a pair of diamond gobies. Suppose to be a bonded pair. Since doing the ttm Qt. They have been doing a lot of fighting. Using 2 20gal longs with bowl of sand. Finally had to pull the smaller one out stopping midway through it's QT for fear of it getting killed. What are my chances of...
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    ? Is this normal

    This may be a stupid question but, has anyone noticed (any fish) a foxface slough off a thin clear coat? Only way I know how to describe it. Like a clear skin. The fish has been in tank for 7 months. All fish fully QT. He eats and acts fine. Color bright and clear.
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    Power outage.

    -twister2-At what temp will I loose my fish. Have one tank at 68 and the other's are about 72. Started the fireplace to warm the room. May not have power for another day or 2. I am hand turning the water. IKNOw! I need a generator but here I am.
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    A big bully

    My Banner butterfly has turned out to be a big bully. Took me several hours to see what was going on. Poor Kole has bites on his side. Now he's in jail. I guess I'll need to find him a new home after QT.
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    Copper doseing

    @Humblefish If fish are already in QT that does not have copper yet is it safe to does up to 1.0 in a day then slowly raise higher or is that still hard on the fish?
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    Black and White Heniochus

    Any specific advice on QT appreciated. Plan on copper power between 1.75-2.0 for 30 days. and then 2 rounds of Praziopr0. In 55gal QT with small hippo(1 1/2-2 in) and med Yellow eyed kole(2 1/2-3) and it's about 4-5in. Did a 5min FW dip before adding to QT. Plan to make sure they ear for a...
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    Thinking of making an order

    Hey. Ok, trying to maybe make an order from Blue Zoo. Has anyone ordered from here. This will be our 1st time doing a live fish online order. Med blue hippo, med yellow eyed mole tang. And trying to decide on a 3rd sm-med fish looking at blue Caribbean tang or a banner fish. Anyone have luck...
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    Need some suggestions please.

    So, we have a 240gal DT. No corals as of yet but in the plans for later. Going on 8 months old. Fish so far are: 1 ocellaris clown 1 storm clown 1 bi color blenny 1 royal gramma 1 redline wrasse 1 redheaded wrasse 1 foxface. 1 diamond goby These are in the tank already. In QT that will be added...
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    I got blessed. YAY!

    My invert 3 month QT was finally up on the 30th. Had 2 peppermint shrimp, one snail left and an emerald crab. Was starting to have some aiptasia popping up. Maybe 6 or 7 with 2 being good size. Also started seeing some green algae on rocks. Well as of this morning I do not see any of the...