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  1. Tupes

    Where the cigar guys at?

    Any cigar smokers in the N.O. area? What's yalls goto spots, and goto sticks? Got a few Gurkha in today have a few mixed in my small humidor.
  2. Tupes

    Rubbermaid tub

    Have some pond maintenance to do. Anyone have at least a 100 gallon rubbermaid tub like this that I could use for a couple weeks.
  3. Tupes

    $10,000 frag SERIOUSLY??!!!!!

    Sorry guys late April fools joke. However, Now that I have your attention. Please let me introduce my newest frag Harper Marie. She is our first child and it's like no love I've ever experienced before. So if any dads or moms want to give some words of advise I'm all ears.
  4. Tupes


    Any in the New Orleans area got some Xenia?
  5. Tupes

    Jupiter, Saturn and Moon photos

    Here are a few photos I took through my telescope last night. Hope yall enjoy. A few shots of Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn is on the left and in one photo you can see 3 moons of Jupiter, if you zoom in on this photo, you can very slightly see the rings around Saturn. I could see them through the...
  6. Tupes

    Sold Tank and light FS 200 OBO

    Asking 200$ The tank is a 13.5 Fluval and the light the the original Hydra prime HD (black) in very good condition. Tank has been cleaned very well. The only coraline I couldn't get was the back separation. Also included is: -the flex arm for the light - a DIY screen top -power head -Eheim...
  7. Tupes

    Any campers?

    anyone in to camping? Just bought a 28' outback camper. Go pick it up next Friday and already have 2 trips planned, 1 to McLeod St Park and 1 to reunion lake.
  8. Tupes


    I'm not sure how many people around here are worried about this. I just wanted to throw this statistic out here about the flu. Keep in mind these numbers are only from October 2019- February 2020. I have not been worried about this yet and dont plan to let it rain on my parade.
  9. Tupes

    Irish Italian Parade

    Wife and I will be riding again this year in Metairie for the Irish Italian Parade Sun, March 22, Louisiana Irish-Italian Parade (Veterans Blvd) - 12 Noon Float #63 Hope to you out there.
  10. Tupes

    Baton Rouge trip 3/6

    Kind of late notice but just wanted to see if anyone from Westbank or metairie area wanted to take the trip tomorrow Plan on leaving around 11. Not in a total rush to get back. But would like to be back no later than around 530. Please pm me if interested. I'll be checking before bed and...
  11. Tupes

    Jazmine Cafe Meet LIVESTOCK/GEAR thread

    Please use this thread to organize any and all sale transactions for the April 2020 meet at Jazime Cafe.
  12. Tupes

    Jazmine Cafe Meet April 2020

    Good Day members of LaRC!! After a bit of a break we are now gearing up to bring members together for a Frag Swap Luncheon. LaRC and Jazmine Cafe want members to have a great time and be able to get their hands on a variety of corals at this meet plus have a great time hanging out and eating...
  13. Tupes

    Nudibranch ID help

    Has anyone ever seen a nudi like this before? Can see any visible markings besides the antenna and frills going the length of his back. Good thing is I havent noticed anything closed or starting to disappear so it might be just eating detritus. I seen it moving across my zoas but he wasnt...
  14. Tupes

    Transport air bubbler

    Not sure if this link will work but thought this was very innovative and wanted to share.
  15. Tupes

    Happy New Year!!!

    Just wanted to give everyone an early shout as I'll be busy tonight. I hope everyone has a safe night and may the new year. May the new year bless everyone with health, wealth and happiness..
  16. Tupes

    Christmas in the Oaks 2019

    Anyone up for meeting one evening at CITO one night like we did before? We can meet at Cafe Du Monde. Choose what date would be good for you. The following dates are Friday and Saturday December dates. If there is another date you would like just post.
  17. Tupes

    3D Printing

    Is anyone involved with 3d printing? Getting a printer soon and wanting some insight.
  18. Tupes

    Marine pure Gems

    So I recently purchased a pack of the Gems and I wanted more info. I did a Google search, which resulted this... When you...
  19. Tupes

    Coral Fever Growout 2019

    Today is day #1 of the contest. The end date will be December 16th. Photos are to be posted every two weeks, including one photo ASAP WITH TANK PARAMETERS..... In total there should be 6 photos. After your first photo, you will just EDIT your post and add the new photo. At the end of the...
  20. Tupes

    LF Evo 13.5

    Looking for a 13.5 Fluval Evo. No light required.