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  1. Lazyfish

    Lazys 2.5g spare parts pico.

    So I did a thing...couldnt stand looking at my 2.5g qt tank any more it was just too tempting. Total volume is about 3 g with the canister filter. With rocks and sand probly right back at 2.5g Tank and equipment are all spare parts I had laying around. The tank is an old aquion 2.5g scratched...
  2. Lazyfish

    Fuel finder app!

    Anyone looking for stations with fuel theres an app called gasbuddy that will show what stations in your area have fuel diesel and power. In my area I Just located fuel at grand paradise in pine ville la citgo near Mears road in Denham springs and the murphy express station in central they all...
  3. Lazyfish

    Snorkeling on vacation in Florida.

    Hope this is posting to the right fourm sory if it's not. I'm having trouble uploading vidio from my old underwater camera the phones dont recognize the file types they are too old...and the vidio from the new one is too big lol heres a few photos intill I get everything worked out. I'm quite...
  4. Lazyfish

    Anyone know what aquahut feeds there clownfish?

    Got a new clown a Wyoming white hes been at the fish store since November if I remember right. He paired well with my female and appears healthy otherwise but I cant seem to get him to eat. I've had this problem a few times with there clowns they usualy come around in a few days but I did loose...
  5. Lazyfish

    Conjoined twin rock flower anemone

    This is the second time I have found one of these the first was sevral years ago. It's very small and hard to see. Difficult to photograph. I was able to coax it off the rock under the mother nem a fairly plain orange one. I got it to attach to a piece of rubble with a few other baby nems. It...
  6. Lazyfish

    Trachyphyllia help

    I lost one of my trachs to rtn a few weeks ago. I think it was the freeze had something to do with it. The others had looked fine at the time. Now I'm realy concerned 2 of my trachs look great and eat like pigs a few days ago I noticed the other two sort of crinkled on the edges I found they...
  7. Lazyfish


    The seller is a scammer 4 emails and 3 calls with no reply my order was made on 4/4/21 and here it is the 19 with still no contact and no items. Im canceling my order contacting my bank filing a fradulant charges report complaint with the bbb and filing with the internet crimes division. I'm...
  8. Lazyfish

    Problems with cold shocked plants.

    So after the power outage and low temps for a few days I see my planted tanks faired worse than my reefs or my fish and inverts. I'm seeing yellowing on all my anubius species in the betta tank and my ocelot sword is melting at the tips, my java fern is turning black and crumbling(probly a...
  9. Lazyfish

    Anchor catfish seem to be good match with betta or am i wrong?.

    I was wanting some kind fishy tank mate for bettas that wont harm the betta or be harmed by it. Didnt have the space for a very large school of dither fish. I think these seem to fit the bill. Also called asian stone cats or moth cats I have 2 of these intresting little odd balls. After some...
  10. Lazyfish

    Looking for ai prime

    Looking for Used ai prime old version preferable or the hd verson is ok. Do not want the new 16 version. Prefer it has a mount but not nesicary.
  11. Lazyfish


    Im planning on growing these out and fragging eventualy to give to people so I would like to know if they have names it's not something I usualy keep up with. I'm thinking the green ones look like mean greens or Wolverines but the centers are tiny and the polyps are rather small anyone know...
  12. Lazyfish

    Possible 29g oceanic 2gen revival.

    I have an old oceanic biocube tank. I got this thing in late 06 or 07. It is the second version with higher back wall to prevent fish getting in the aio section and slightly difrent back chambers. This was my 3rd teef tank it ran 4 or 5 years it was my first aio it's been off line ever since...
  13. Lazyfish

    Looking for original biocube 29g hood/lid

    Please disregard and delete. I just realized the tank was dammaged in storage. I wont be setting this up again after all.
  14. Lazyfish

    Leaky drain hoses on big sump

    I need to replace the two wrinkly lines from the tank to this sump but I'm not sure what to get as a replacement. The plastic clear return hoses dont leak at all and are fine but the two drain lines have allways been an issue. I get it stopped and thet start again even clamps didnt help. The...
  15. Lazyfish

    Lazyfish's AquaJapan 7.5g RFA growout

    Just bought a new tank woo waiting for it to come it's a penplax 3.4 gallon glass with hinged glass lid I wont be useing the filter or the light. I'll put a black background on it and use my old finnex canister filter that used to run my 4 gallon finnex reef that tank unfortunatly was leaking...
  16. Lazyfish

    Lazys 15g jungle column . 5.5 planted betta tank is no more.

    Broke down my 8g aio planted and I moved everything about 8 days ago. Thr lace plant was shading itself out in places and I had a duck.weed infestation that was shading it out and killing my water cabbages. I Got the black skirts the other day, moved the pleco got a few more plants and added...
  17. Lazyfish

    Lazys two 20s

    Ive been on here a while now and have not done an actual thread for either of my tanks on here that I can recall. Some of the coral and macros in these tanks is fairly frequently swapped between the two. I'm running a single ai prime on the 10g and x2 on the 20 all slaved to one light so they...
  18. Lazyfish

    The Rainbow bta that wont grow?

    Ok so my bff has a reef tank about a year its about 130 to 150 gallons(its where most of my frags end up) she bought it with the nems and some corals she has a red bta that's now about 8 inches across and split once and growing well. In the tank she had x2 of what I always identified as rainbow...
  19. Lazyfish

    New here. hi!

    I'm surprised I haven't stumbled across this place before. This is the first large Louisiana reef fourm I've joined I have been keeping freshwater most of my life and started keeping saltwater back in 04 or 05. For freshwater I have a 7.5 or 8g blackwater community will eventualy be converted to...