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  1. marine_tibby

    What lens kit are you using (smartphones)

    I have been using the Reefing Art gel filters, and I really liked them. I have had them for about a year now and the threads have stripped so I am no longer able to attach the Macro lens. This is a big bummer for me because I love Macro shots. Before I just go fork out more cash to buy the same...
  2. marine_tibby

    Want to buy some cured live rock

    I am having trouble sourcing rock that isn't sterile. I don't know whee to call to even ask about this stuff. I called a Epic Aquaria in Shreveport and no luck. I am pretty sure I could find some a Tropical Fish Bowl but that just makes me feel disgusting and filthy. Next option is to offer up...
  3. marine_tibby

    Red Sea Reefer Deluxe XL 200 Build

    Hi folks, Time to start a new build thread. This one is special to me because it is my first tank in a long time. When I was more active in the hobby I loved tinkering, DIYing and just learning how a saltwater tank actually operates. That was before I was married and had kids. Now I needed...
  4. marine_tibby

    Hi I have been sober from reef addiction for almost 10 years

    As the title says, I have been out of the hobby for sometime. I finally feel like it is time to jump back in. I left when people were still trying to figure out how to build LED rigs. Bluetooth and WiFi connection seemed space age at the time. Now it doesn't seem far fetched to think that I can...
  5. marine_tibby

    Input on LEDs

    So, its been decided, we are going with a 72 gallon Bow front tank. I was debating on going with T5s for the sake that I have never used that type of lighting before. After a month of discussing with the significant other about the savings vs the upfront cost. we have agreed that LEDs are a must...
  6. marine_tibby

    income tax=tank stuff?

    just wondering if anyone is waiting on their tax returns for new equipment
  7. marine_tibby

    new years resolution

    So my new years resolution is to have a saltwater tank. I have really been pricing around components to build me a setup that would not require me to do any upgrading anywhere in the near future, i.e. at least a year. I live in a trailer so 70 gallons was my max setup size. So I have been...
  8. marine_tibby

    want a total custom tank

    So, I have been looking into tank sizes, seeing what is out there and for the size I am looking for I don't like any of the dimensions. I really don't like 55gal tanks, can't give a reason, just don't. My size is maxed out at 70gal, which I have already had. so I have been looking around at...
  9. marine_tibby

    great sign for the wall next to your tank
  10. marine_tibby

    I found some pics

  11. marine_tibby

    I am still hooked!

    Hi, I'm Matthew, and after being away from my reef tanks for 2 years. I still have dreams of setups that I want to do and try. I think I may attempt to snatch me a used tank and stand, and see what I can pull together. I'm thinking of shooting for a 55 gallon. After having a 10, 20, 25, 39, 70...
  12. marine_tibby

    well hey again

    Hi guys, I know I haven't been around lately. Working 7 days a week is tiring but extremely good pay. lol Last most of you probably heard from me is that I was in a head-on collision, everybody is fine though. I have been really busy buying a new home in youngsville, and getting all the new...
  13. marine_tibby

    be careful

    Well, as some of you know I had in the planning a 40gal cube. It had been painted and drilling and ready for SPS. lol well that is once I would get it set up. so, this past weekend we had planned to setup the tank and get it running. As we are moving the tank from one room to the other one of...
  14. marine_tibby

    Couldn't decide what forum to put this under

    So my questions are, what do you think about putting a anenome in a 25g reef? and what do you think about getting a clownfish to be a more dominat fish than my bicolor pseudo? My problem is I have a bicolor pseudochromis and he is the biggest bully I have ever seen in a fish. The other...
  15. marine_tibby

    ASM Experts needed

    Well you don't have actually be an expert just smarter than I am. lol Maybe not ever that. I need to know how to adjust the water level with ASM skimmers. I can't figure it out for the life of me and it would really help with the new tank and the cycling. thanks
  16. marine_tibby

    fish shop sales?

    Wondering if any shops are having some kind of Labor Day sale?
  17. marine_tibby

    phosban reactor idea

    I was thinking about getting one because I just can't seem to get down to 0, and it bothers me as I am trying to go for more harder to keep hard corals. As I was looking at some info on them I got the idea of making it a fluidized sand bed. Do you think it would work as is? If not is there any...
  18. marine_tibby

    Random tank pictures

    These were all taken with out the tripod and with all of my current going full speed. This explains alot of the problems with the pictures, but I still know it has alot to do with the photographer. lol Here is a brain that I picked up at Durel's for a really good price. like everything over...
  19. marine_tibby

    Explosion of Life

    I have these yellow polyp frag since I first set up my tank. They were actually my first coral. lol The frag consisted of 3 polyps. After being in the tank for almost 2 years now, they have still have never grown any. That is untill yesterday. Yesterday, I had 3 brand new baby polyps, today...