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  1. merlinr26

    For Sale Livestock priced to sell

    Ok so I have about 2 weeks to empty the bigger tank so I can clean and break it down since I could not sell it. Black storm clown and black ice clown would prefer them to go as a pair $35 sold Decent size green Kenya Tree $ 10 Diamond sleeper gobie about 2 1/2- 3 inches $25 GSP rock about...
  2. merlinr26

    Eshopps nano protein skimmer

    Ok so bought this skimmer after doing a good bit of research on this along with the icecap nano and the IM nano. The eshopps actually had the lower overall review score between the 3 but each one had its own problems this one being the pump not lasting. That being said this one was recommended...
  3. merlinr26

    For Sale Tanks for sale

    I have a 30ish gallon hexagon tank and stand, everything you need to start a tank comes with it except rocks, water, and deco. $75 sold 10 gallon tank with whisper filter and lid $10 Brand new refractometer never used $20 Koralia nano 425 I think works very well $5 Eshopps frag...
  4. merlinr26

    For Sale 55 gallon stand

    Does anyone have one they are getting rid of? Doesn't have to be nice. Can buy or trade.
  5. merlinr26

    For Sale ISO slate rock cheap

    Looking to get a few pieces of slate rock for my parents 55gal tank I got them for Christmas. It will be a freshwater setup and we still need to build the stand. I know delta pets in slidell has some but it not exactly cheap. Thank you in advance
  6. merlinr26

    Sold New refractometer

    got a new one with a bundle that I bought from BRS but I don't need because I have a Milwaukee digital one already. Can send pictures if needed. $15 Contributors $10
  7. merlinr26

    How To TDS range usage

    What is tolerance range to still use rodi water for ATO and water changes
  8. merlinr26

    For Sale Any housing for rent

    Anyone know of any housing for rent on the Northshore or Picayune area?
  9. merlinr26

    HELP Any ideas?

    Only comes out at night. It has a hard shell
  10. merlinr26

    Nano skimmer

    Looking for a cheap nano skimmer
  11. merlinr26

    HELP 6 line looks beat up

    Can anyone tell me what this might be and if there is a way to treat it. I've seen him picking at the rocks for food and seems to be acting normal.
  12. merlinr26

    For Sale 45gal cube setup

    As much as I hate to do I it looks like I am gonna have to sell my tank. Pictures are in my 45 cube build thread but if you want more pictures let me know. Most of the livestock will go with it. Not looking to part it out being it has to be gone quickly. Most if not all equipment is less than a...
  13. merlinr26

    HELP Moving

    What is the easiest way to move a tank without it having to cycle again. I really don't want to have to sell my 45 cube but will of its easier and really don't want to have to move it more than once.
  14. merlinr26

    Sold Acke grow light

    Only used for about a moth or 2. Way too strong for my cabinet and sump $20
  15. merlinr26

    Chat emoji's

    Is it just my phone on the website or is something wrong? I can't use the emoji's anymore
  16. merlinr26

    20 long AIO build

    Building my nephew a custom 20gal long AIO. Stuff I had laying around from the 45gal cube build including the 20gal long. It's his birthday present. Tell what you guys think
  17. merlinr26

    Par meter

    Anyone have a par meter I could use for a day or so
  18. merlinr26

    HELP What are these

    Anyone know what these things are? They are kind of pinkish in color and move around like snails
  19. merlinr26

    How To Tangs

    Are there any tangs that could be kept in a 45 cube?
  20. merlinr26

    No skimmer

    Thinking of permanently keeping the skimmer off and just running a UV light instead. I know that the 2 are different but I think it would work. Any input on this would be great. TIA