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  1. pitts337

    Qt setup

    I have a 10 gallon qt setup It comes with 10 gallon tank and stand Hob filter I believe it’s a 25 gallon one maybe bigger Powerhead Diy lid Pvc fittings Piece of live rock to seed it $45 obo. Or trade for a coral
  2. pitts337


    I moved my 40b from my sisters back to my moms and in the process I washed the sand bed and reused it and now This dark brown algae with o2 bubbles on it is on the rocks and on the sand bed and impossible to blow off with a turkey baster nitrates are prolly .02 and phos are non detectable
  3. pitts337


    Once I get my 40b set up at my moms ima be getting a few acan colonies and start back up my garden again in anyone wants to go in with me and split the colonies are just a few heads
  4. pitts337

    Jaw breaker

    Anyone has any jawbreakers for a decent price. Can be small don’t need a momma priced shroom
  5. pitts337


    These zoas have still alluded me I know someone out there was able to snag a drag of these when they 1st came out
  6. pitts337

    Tube worms

    What would cause an infestation of these micro tube worms
  7. pitts337

    Zombie colony

    19 polyp white zombie colony for sale $625 or trade for a higher end torch
  8. pitts337


    What’s a good way to get rid of this hair algae it wasn’t bad at first now it starting to upset some coral I try blowing with a turkey baster but it’s pretty stuck on now can’t really put a tang or anything on it cause it’s a small 15 gallon tank Would I just have to disassemble everything...
  9. pitts337


    I’m looking to sell my complete40b setup Light 300watt mars with t5’s Powerheads and return are jabeo Skimmer I’ll have to look Tunze ato Live stock. 2 clowns filefish and a melenaurus wrasse Comes with some corals I’ll get pics today or tom it’s in Lafayette and I’m not separating anything...
  10. pitts337


    Anyone around Lafayette have any cyphestrea frags for sale or trade just need small frags for a plate coral skeleton
  11. pitts337


    This is a bounce Yuma that had came from that fragstoriches guy a long time ago it only took this long to look like pics he was posting lol
  12. pitts337


    Anyone need phyto around laf I have 2 32oz bottles and 1 20 oz bottle and prolly another 32 oz in another bottle 32oz $7 20oz $5
  13. pitts337

    Purple tangs or any fish in stock

    Harry’s marine life has small purple tangs for sale for $99 if anyone wants to get one or any other fish they have in stock or coral in stock me and Ian are gunna get a couple tangs
  14. pitts337

    Tank move

    Anyone free sat to help with a tank move I needa move my 135 from Opelousas to laf
  15. pitts337

    6.7 build

    Gunna be a simple build that came about cause ians white clown is a jerk and he has already killed. Melenaurus in my qt tank and him and the damsel need a trial seperation lol.. plus I need to qt a new fish and I can’t rock a repeat so here goes tank- 6.7 imaginarium tank Light- ai prime hd...
  16. pitts337

    Temp Rubbermaid tub

    When I move my tanks ima put live stock in a 100 gallon Rubbermaid tub but I’m not running a sump on it ima have a couple powerheads heater and a light for it how do I keep the nitrates down cause ima not gunna have a hob filter or anything do I just do like a 10-20 gallon water change a week??
  17. pitts337


    I’m debating on what to do with this rock it’s full of green pollicpora Like 8-9 huge colonies and one side is full of pulsing Xenia and other side has gsp and some palys and the middle has a big piece of spongedoches that’s not doing so well oh and aiptasia but the structure itself under the...
  18. pitts337

    Clown hosting

    My 2 clowns have been hosting my big Duncan colony for a year or so and now they are laying eggs and have been being aggressive with my Duncan colony and they are causing stress to the cooony and I noticed this morning that I prolly lost 10-15 heads I was thinking about putting the colony in...
  19. pitts337

    Tank restart

    I’m gunna be moving my tanks in the near future once I am done babysitting Ian’s corals but one of my tanks has a serious aiptasia issue I was thinking about putting all the corals off the frag plugs and replug them and put them in a good 100 gallon bin heee is my question I needa Put...
  20. pitts337

    Zoa fungus

    Who has a good solution to cure zoa fungus cause ima losing zoas at an alarming rate mostly on the zoas on my live rock or on sand bed. Any zoas on frag racks haven’t been affected yet