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  1. Coral Connection

    Sold Trimming back a Montipora. [free]

    I saw rouses over here has Best Stop boudin. If you're lucky maybe they have it up there too.
  2. Coral Connection

    Looking for zoas and softies

    We have tons if you feel like taking the drive to Kenner.
  3. Coral Connection

    new aquarium setup

    Feel free to give George a call (504)467-4566.
  4. Coral Connection

    Congrats Coral Connection -November 2021 POTM winner

    We filled a 120 gallon tank to the rim with toys!
  5. Coral Connection

    new aquarium setup

    Anything can be done but my question is why go big and do an AIO when you could have everything easily accessible in a sump?
  6. Coral Connection

    Xenia wanted

    Got some at the shop if someone wants to mule
  7. Coral Connection

    Congrats Coral Connection -November 2021 POTM winner

    Thank y'all! I would like to extend the invite to our Christmas meet to the club. We ask that anyone attending this Saturday bring an unwrapped toy to donate. With donation of a toy you will be eligible to win some awesome coral. (GMK polyp, Octospawn, and other vendors are bringing some heat to...
  8. Coral Connection

    November 2021 POTM poll

    It is a yuma. We do not have a name for it, but we have been getting them in pretty regularly. I wouldn't be surprised if someone tries to name them soon.
  9. Coral Connection

    Some of my corals

    Flaming Leprechaun blasto? Just got one for myself last weekend
  10. Coral Connection

    Palytoxin Poisoning and our Hobby

    I’d like to point out this is a very serious issue for what we are going through. Everyone please be safe with your breakdowns
  11. Coral Connection

    This hobby is hard enough under normal conditions.

    This hobby wouldn’t be what it is without the community working together. We are forever thankful as well
  12. Coral Connection

    This hobby is hard enough under normal conditions.

    We are holding systems. Let us know what we can do!
  13. Coral Connection

    We are holding systems!

    Give us a call before you show up with corals but right now we still have room to hold a few more systems. 504-467-4566 or 905-1001.
  14. Coral Connection

    Low boys

    Should be getting a couple in pretty soon. I'll keep you up to date.
  15. Coral Connection

    3 75 gallon tanks

    We have three 75 gallon tanks that came from reef geeks/ricks. All of them are sectioned into thirds with each section having its own hole drilled. $75 a piece or maybe some coral.
  16. Coral Connection


    We just cut 10 or so colonies of acans the other day.
  17. Coral Connection

    Jaw breaker

    We have a few of them at Knock Out Corals/ Coral Connection.
  18. Coral Connection

    Coral Thread

    Next few photos are in the Knock Out Corals room
  19. Coral Connection

    LF Red Planet & Pink Lemonade frag

    We have colonies of both in the 800. I might have a couple frags already. If not I will cut to order.