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    Sold 4” Candy Cane XL $100

    Pickup In Metairie $100 4”+ diameter neon green candy cane its large.
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    Sold Og Bounce Metairie 300

    quarter size OG bounce with utter chaos and pink diamonds attach to disc pick up in Metairie. 300
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    Sold Mushrooms

    For sale 40 dollars large mushroom rock!!
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    Sold NEW GHL KH Director bundle black $750

    I Have a black GHL Director with SA dosing pump bundle brand new for sale $750 pickup in Metairie
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    Sold Show size Blasto Metairie

    Testing the waters. Show size blasto about 4” when fully open. Getting too big for my tank will only sell for $275 or I will have to redo my rocks to make room for him.
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    For Sale Metairie Corals For Sale

    Need to make space in tank. All Items pickup in Metairie off Veterans exit. WWC slime ball $30 each over 2” (1 has been SOLD) Red goni $40 on 2” disk about 3” when fully open (SOLD) Lilac goni on 2” disk $50 (SOLD) green/gold hammer $40 on a plug I have two of these spit fire zoa frags...
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    Sold Rehome Lighting Maroon Clown

    Hi I would like to find a new home for this clown. Its is about 2.5 inch Lighting Maroon. $30 Pickup In Metairie
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    Sold Metairie Corals For Sale

    Some corals for sale pickup in Metairie. Will give discount if you buy more then 1 item. Dragon Soul Favia on 3” disk $60 SOLD WWC Slimeball $40 2 Sunkist Bounce both are 2.5 inch size. $80 each. Both SOLD Softball size Duncan with free purple monsters zoas stuck to base not sure how many...
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    AquaFest 2021

    Does anyone know the correct date for AquaFest? I saw ad for March 5th weekend 2021 but now on their website and Facebook it changed to March 2022. Can anyone confirm the correct date? Dont want to waste time if its not till 2022.
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    Sold Metairie Corals for Sale

    Sunkist bounce size of a dime $100 green/teal mushroom 15 on 2 inch disc (SOLD) eagle eye zoas 4-5polyps on disc 20 bux
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    Sold Metairie corals

    a few items for sale pickup in metairie lobo on 2 inch disc $50 favia on 3 inch disc $60 purple goni with blue center $40 green digi frags $10 each 1 of 3 sold
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    Metaire Coral for sale

    Everything located in Metairie La $70 Large flat rock with 2 toadstool, christmas monti, and small oregon torte growing on it combo rock. $150 large light maroon with 2 rose anem on large rock. must buy a together. other anem is at bottom right of rock. $50 good size birdnest coral.
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    Sold Metairie Corals For Sale

    Items for Sale from Metairie Oregon Tort Frag 30 Large Acro green with purple tips Dont know name getting too big need gone 90 green Digi frag 30
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    Lighting Maroon Rehab sale

    I have a Lighting maroon that got beat up after one year living with his pair. dont know why. needs a new home. is in my fuge recovering he eats and wounds r healing. as he gets better price will go up. $40 Pickup in Metairie.
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    Metairie Corals for sale

    Metairie Pickup green digi 2+ inch $20 Bubble Gum Chalice $30
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    Seachem Reef Salt 160 Gal

    For sale pickup Metaire 20 bucks each. I have 2 available.
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    Combo Rock

    Rock with a blasto 3 hairy mushrooms and 4-5 teal mushrooms. rock is about 7x4 $50 Metairie La
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    Two Head Frogspawn Metairie

    Two heads with small babies sprouting. $40. In Metairie La
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    hairy Green Mushrooms

    About 8-10 Hairy mushrooms on a flat rock. Metairie. La. $40
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    Combo rock $45 Metairie

    Trying to make room in tank size of rock is about 12” x 3”. Has random polyps, green toadstool, and a micromusa on it. $45