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  1. dave

    Angelle Sampey

    Just thought I would share this story with the forum as I know there aren’t many drag racers here. This is an awesome story from an awesome person!
  2. dave

    Milwaukee dig refractometer , eheim heater, misc stuff

    Fluval sea SP2 return pump 950 GPH new never used $90 Milwaukee MA887 with case And calibration fluid $75 Eheim Jager 150w Heater new $20 Revive coral cleaner expires this month Never opened $5 Marineland premium activated carbon $10 New life spectrum thera+a 1mm sinking...
  3. dave

    Gryphon C-40

    As title states Gryphon C-40 This saw has very little use on it. Bought it from Hai a while ago and havent used it. $250 can be picked up in Madisonville or can meet on the southshore as well
  4. dave

    Tunze osmolator

    3155 tunze osmolator Existing pump is a little noisy Comes with a brand new pump in bag Does not come with hanging magnet for sensor as my sump had brackets Dont know where it went. $120
  5. dave

    35 gallon cube

    20x20x20 rimless cube Black silicone with beveled glass External overflow with maggie muffler $175
  6. dave

    Ecotech MP10wqd

    as title states Mp10wqd with Ecotech controller bracket. June 2016 manufacture date great condition! $200
  7. dave

    35 gallon cube

    As most of you know I sold my 75 gallon tank. I aquired a 35 gallon cube (20x20x20) in the sale of my tank and am considering setting it up in a few months once I have time to build a stand. I am considering trying using only an algae reactor for filtration mayb some filter floss. Will probably...
  8. dave

    Bubble King skimmer, EB8, WXM, spyglass rx, mag cleaners

    Bubble King Double cone 150 $400 Fluval sea SP2 return pump $100 Tunze long care magnet $20
  9. dave

    Custom 75 gallon breakdown

  10. dave

    Avast marine small spyglass reactor

    picked this up from another reefer and never used it. $100
  11. dave

    Quarantined fish- Tangs, clowns and midas blenny

    1 Black snowflake clown 1 platinum clown $125 for the pair Reduced $100
  12. dave

    Livestock sale

    Green-orange-yellow Scoly $125 now $100
  13. dave

    75 gallon stand skin

    Well my tank has been up for quite sometime now and still have just the metal stand. The wife has been asking for me to build a skin to go over the stand. I just finished building a cedar pavillion at my inlaws house and have a good bit of spare cedar tongue and groove siding. I have more than...
  14. dave

    2x Vertex RX-U 1.5 media reactors

    I have 2 Vertex RX-U 1.5 media reactors for sale $60 each or $100 for the pair...
  15. dave

    Bubble King mini160

    I am selling my BK mini160 this is a well built skimmer makes some fine bubbles and super silent but it has honestly been a little finicky for me. Update: i had never taken apart the silencer and found that there was a lot of dust in there. Looked like pocket lint. All clean now Asking $450...
  16. dave

    36" Planet Aquarium custom 36" 75 gallon

    I am guaging interest for downgrade. Will need to have new tank before this one can go. 36x24x20 rimless tank 1/2" glass External glass overflow 2 drains and 1 return Black silicone an beveled glass Stand is 1.5" steel tubing powdercoated black by our resident welder Travis It...
  17. dave

    Which Nano-ish tank

    So a friend came over last nite to pick up some coral. After he left my daughter was in tears because I was selling the fish tank. She was asking if we could please please please keep the tank. I am thinking of possibly getting a 20ish gallon tank. Anyone have any reccomendations? I wouldnt...
  18. dave

    GHL doser 2 stand alone dosing pump

    I have a Brand new GHL doser 2 stand alone unit. It has 3 dosing heads. The 4th can be added. Also along with it I have 2 vertex 2.5s dosing containers. I got these used and the quick connect fittings got broken in shipping. Included will be the fittings to repair them. I also have some tubing...
  19. dave

    Gryphon C-40 diamond band saw

    very lightly used saw I purchased and never used. $275 reduced $250
  20. dave

    QT'd fish and coral

    Ok I have a list of fish that have all been thru QT. Sally the sailfin tang came from Bobby aka Humblefish. He asked when I got this fish that it would always stay in a tank that has QT'd fish. I would like for all of them to go to someone who QT's all fish. I dont QT my cleanup crew or coral so...