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    MANY THINGS- keep checking back as I update with more

    REDUCED EVERYTHING. Come and get it! Long time hobbyist with equipment and supplies for sale. Everything here total for $3k after reduced prices. Pool together with a friend and buy it ALL for $2k. After a big ticket item is gone, this line (deal) will be removed. Thanks everyone. Vortech...
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    Emperor Aquatics SMART UV HO Sterilizers 80W

    For sale is a brand new, in box, Emperor Aquatics SMART UV HO Sterilizer 80W. $600 takes it. Not looking for any trades. thanks! I used to be a super active member here before being forced to move to Houston. Anyways, I am back and looking forward to connecting with everyone again.
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    Dr. Tims One and review

    Hello All, Well as some may know, I am in the midst of putting together my 270 gallon reef build. The whole process took a whole lot longer than I originally planned (go figure) and the buyer of my old tank that is currently holding all my livestock will be here in about 2 weeks to come pick it...
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    drilling acrylic?

    hey folks, I need some help. I ordered a 270 gallon acrylic tank and it took a while to come in. Between then and now my plans for a canopy have changed and I no longer intend to have one. This will be open top tank. I originally planned to have the return pipes come up through the external...
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    Got a new family member (not fish or human)

    So I remember reading a bunch of threads back in the day about dog owners here on LARC. Pics showing them off and debates over food and exercise. I never quite understood until now. I have been doing a tremendous amount of research and finally I am in a position to own my first dog. Meet my new...
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    LARC Fantasy League 2.0

    so I wanted to start a fantasy football league for those that might not have that much money. I am going to do a yahoo league for a $20 buy in. I would like to keep it to a 10 team league with a payout of 1st-$125 2nd-$55 and 3rd-$20. I am proposing an online draft Sunday September 4th at 1pm...
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    270 Gallon Advance Acrylics Build

    I wanted to start a new thread here to document the build process and progression of my next endeavor. Last week I ordered a 270 gallon acrylic tank from Advance Acrylics. I too love pictures, so I will try to feed the appetite of all the junkies out there as best as I can. I will also try to...
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    New Tank Plumbing Schematic

    Alrighty folks. I have had enough of the minor floods from one thing or another on my current 180 gallon setup, as it is sitting on carpet (even though I knew better). Anyways, the time has come to tile the fish room. And as most know, when a tank most come down, a larger one must go up -clap- ...
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    Formatting Help

    Prolly a silly question, but how could I post/ insert an image of a graph or table I made in excel on the forum?
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    AI LED question

    hey everyone I think I am about to pull the trigger on an AI SOL Super Blue LED fixture for my shallow clam tank. Couple quick questions for those who have these and possibly an APEX controller. A) what do I need to order in addition to the module itself? sounds silly but it doesnt say...
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    Clown Goby Hosting my RBTA

    check this video out. Can't get my black and white clowns to host my RBTA for the life of me. Oh well, this RBTA moved into my little Clown Gobies territory, and it decided it would host it. Never seen anything quite like it. I was under the impression that clown fish were the only ones able to...
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    QT/ Frag Tank Combo?

    Hey everyone. I recently picked up a nice acrylic frag tank (about 15 gallons, 24"x24"x6") from ol' Aquamanic. I added pics and will update progress on my build thread, but wanted to probe the minds of LARC for thoughts on my layout/ plan. I plan to have this frag tank about 10 feet or so away...
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    Nikon D5000

    so my father let me borrow his Nikon d5000, which I understand is a pretty good camera. Let me preface this whole thread by saying I know zero about photography, but still believe I should be able to get some accurate renditions of my corals captured in some pics. I have read the basics about...
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    Best Aquarium Tongs?

    Got a silly question, but need an honest review. Can anybody suggest some really nice aquarium tongs (coral grabber, reacher, etc)? I have bought a few different brands in the past, and they are all terrible! I bought some $25 ones from Lowes and they rusted out and broke quickly. I have some of...
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    NFL Pick Em Pool

    Hey Everyone, So I know it's late, but hey it's just another excuse to watch more football and wager a little (only $10) to potentially win a bunch. I'm am doing an NFL weekly pick em' pool run through Yahoo. It is very simple and fun. let me know asap if you are interested. We are getting...
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    Warner Marine EcoBak and NextReef SMR1 Reactor

    I just setup my new Bio Pellet reactor with Warner Marine's EcoBak. I wanted to start a thread and allow people to ask questions, make suggestions, and track the progress of these BP's. From everything I have read, they seem fairly promising and the logic is sound behind them. I just have not...
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    Hannah Phosphate Testers

    So I am about to start my EcoBak Biopellets and wanted a more accurate way of measuring my tanks current parameters and also the effectiveness of these BP's on nitrates and phosphates. I am currently looking at Hannah's digital testers to accomplish this. Does anyone out there own one of these...
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    iPhone icon for LARC

    So I was reading through our local forum here in Houston called Marsh and somebody suggested making a nice little icon for all the iPhone users out there. So instead of a screenshot of a white page when you bookmark it to your phone, we could get a larc icon. Turns out to be a pretty simple...
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    New Vortech

    So I wonder what the new Vortech will be that Ecotech will be releasing this weekend at MACNA? I'm thinking it's gonna be a bigger model finally. One tailored to larger tanks so you don't have to buy 6 x MP40's. Maybe a swivel adjustable type wetside too? That would be big too, but maybe not...
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    Mixed Reef and SPS

    So I am about to take the plunge into keeping SPS again. I currently keep (or intend to keep) a large number of fish, clams, LPS, softies, and now SPS in the mix. I have been doing quite a bit of research and like most all things reef related, came up with a hundred different opinions. All I...