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  1. GPReefer

    In Search of a Piece of a Green Polyped Leather - See Photo

    I am looking for a frag of finger leather with green polyps. I don't know if this was ever really named. Those of us in Lake Charles used to call it the Pinder Leather because that is the name of the reefer that managed to first get hold of one back in the early 90's. I managed to keep a...
  2. GPReefer

    CONGRATS GreyGhost - POTQ Winner!!!

    Vote for your favorite FTS! Thread will run for 14 days. Winner will have their photo posted on LARC's Portal Page. Thanks for all of the great photo entries! Stoned Tupes Arab GreyGhost Coonastrea The GOB smileyjoe pitts337 eaglereefer - Office eaglereefer - 40B...
  3. GPReefer

    Past Time for a Photo Contest - FTS!

    How about we do something this time that everyone (except maybe me) has - a full frontal tank shot! Post your pics in this thread and we will leave it open for entries until Saturday, June 29. Dig those cameras out and post some pics! Winner will have their photo posted on our portal page.
  4. GPReefer

    CONGRATS Prairie Dog - February 2019 POTM Winner

    Cast your vote for your favorite crustacean photo! The GOB duane Matthew futch smileyjoe GreyGhost nemeth21 seasidedeb Prairie Dog
  5. GPReefer

    PHOTO CONTEST! Show Us Your Crabs!

    A new photo contest - the last of the year! Show us your crabs! They are some of the more interesting creatures that we keep and most are very photogenic! Post your crab pics in this thread and we will start a voting thread at the end of two weeks of entries (closes on Saturday, December 22nd).
  6. GPReefer

    On This Day ... Remember our U.S. Veterans

    Take a moment of your day to remember and thank our U.S. Veterans. For those of you here on LARC that have served in our great country's military - Thank You for your service!
  7. GPReefer

    CONGRATS Stoned - September 2018 POTM Winner

    I apologize for the delay in getting this voting poll up. Vote for your favorite pic! One vote only, but you can change your vote if you choose. 01- roid reefs 02 - The GOB 03 - Burrito 04 - Duane 05 - Stoned 06 - GPReefer 07 - Karl Bartholomew 08 - Marcus...
  8. GPReefer

    September '18 Photo Contest!

    Time for another photo contest! Humblefish has been on the portal page for long enough! :-) Post a single image here for consideration. This month's theme - "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." Which means, you can post pics of a single fish, two fish, a red fish, or a blue fish...
  9. GPReefer

    Lionfish Sucked Up By Robots?

  10. GPReefer

    Congrats Humblefish - June 2018 POTM Winner

    Ok, I am late in getting this voting thread up and appologize. So let's get to picking our new portal pic! Winner gets a POTM Banner! 1 - BluewaterLa 2 - Humblefish 3 - Stoned 4 - CenLaReefer 5 - Marcus Alexander 6 - Karl Bartholomew 7 - Smiley Joe 8 - jleblanc26
  11. GPReefer

    New Photo Contest! May 2018

    Time for a new contest. A little different theme this time around - "I Am So Glad I Bought This Fish / Coral / Invert, Because I Almost Didn't!" Submit one photo of the favorite fish / coral / invert that you are so glad you added to your display, but almost didn't. The photo must be yours and...
  12. GPReefer

    Congrats smileyjoe - March 2018 POTM Winner

    It is time to vote again for another great photo for our Portal Page! A LOT of awesome pictures this month! Browse through the pictures below and vote for your favorite one. The winner will receive a "POTM Winner Banner" and their photo will be displayed on our Portal. Good luck to all that...
  13. GPReefer

    POTM: Your Favorite Thing In Your Tank!

    Time for a new contest. Submit one photo of the favorite fish, coral, or invert from your tank in this thread. The photo must be yours and only one entry per person. We will accept entries for two weeks and then start a voting poll. This subject is something that everyone can participate in...
  14. GPReefer

    Congrats cksm1 - Picture of the Month Winner!!!

    Please take a moment and vote for your favorite contest entry. The winning photo will be displayed on our Portal Page and the photographer will earn a POTM Banner for display under their name on the forum. The poll will close automatically on the morning of Saturday, Feb 3rd. Lots of great...
  15. GPReefer

    January 2018 POTM Competition - "My Most Photogenic Fish!"

    Time to take out the cameras and smart phones! For this edition of POTM, let us see your "Most Photogenic Fish!" We all have fish and usually at least one is a photo diva and likes to pose. Let's see 'em! Entries will run for the next two weeks. The winner will receive a POTM banner and the...
  16. GPReefer

    Congrats GreyGhost - Picture of the Month Winner!!!

    Vote for the picture that you like. The winner will receive a POTM Winner banner and have their photo displayed on our portal page for a month. Some great entries here, so this should be a close one! Poll will remain open for two weeks, ending on Sunday December 17th. It will close...
  17. GPReefer

    Happy Thanksgiving 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in our LARC community! I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends. If you are traveling, please be safe.
  18. GPReefer

    New Picture of the Month Contest!

    This month, let's see some pictures of Euphyllia! Show us your Torches, Frogspawn & Hammer corals! Post your pics in this thread - only one photo per participant. Must be your own photography. Let's see those pictures! Edit: Deadline for entries is Saturday, November 25th!
  19. GPReefer

    It IS Almost Happy Hour!

    Almost looks like a nice head on a cold draught beer mug, but it is just my little Reef Octopus Nano Skimmer gone wild. :)
  20. GPReefer

    Picture of the Month - GPReefer

    Thanks to everyone that entered this month's contest! Some great photos of tangs! Review the pictures below and vote for your favorite in the poll above. Those of you Tap-A-Talk die hards will have to visit the site to see the poll. Humblefish ↓ Travis ↓ GPReefer ↓ joegerard ↓...