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    Yeah they are as a few weeks ago they havent found a place yet. But they have to be out be january.
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    I get mine from Epic Aquaria in Shreveport. They only oder once a month. Basically you tell them what you are looking for then they order from there supplier. They quarantine the fish for a few weeks after they get them in. I have never had a issue..
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    Favorite powerhead?

    I have been using the nero 5 with no issue so far. I like the price and controllability.. but dont know about how they will hold up in the long run.
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    Sticker Shock!!

    Welcome back.. yep inflation is crazy..
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    ATO suggestions?

    I have been using the Duetto Dual-Sensor Complete Aquarium ATO System - XP Aqua for a few months no issues..
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    Hello Everyone

    Yep sounds like a plan. I sent u my number in a private message..
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    Hello Everyone

    Hey Marvin. Good to see you getting back into the hobby. I just got back into the hobby a few months ago..
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    PLEASE Teach your Children/Grandchildren Fire Safety!

    Yep fire safety for the home and your reef tank..
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    Reef cleaners

    Sorry to hear about your order gone wrong. Hope u get your money back and find a new source.
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    The panoramareef

    Very impressive
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    150 gal of organized chaos

    Thanks i bought the stand, tank, and everything for 1k off facebook market place. Completely repainted stand and replaced hinges. Had slight issue getting doors and getting hinges to line back up. Also when i got the tank the nitrates were over 200. They are around 115, slowly coming down...
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    150 gal of organized chaos

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    Anyone still here

    I wish my house was natural gas. But its all electric. I hate cooking on electric, you cant tell what temp you are cooking at..
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    150 gal of organized chaos

    Its 72”Lx20” wide x 24” tall I transposed the numbers by accident
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    150 gal of organized chaos

    Thanks.. yeah my photography skills need some
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    150 gal of organized chaos

    More pics
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    150 gal of organized chaos

    Finally posting pictures of my tank. Its 150 gal (72x24x20). Tank: 150 gal (used, brand unknown) Sump: 50 gal (brand unkown) Awith 10 reservoir Return Pump: 5.0 Sicce Filtration: 7” sock filters and Reef Octo skimmer Lighting:2 ecotech radion xr-30’s Powerhead: Nero 5 Fish: Yellow Tang...
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    Prices and availability

    Thanks for the explanation.. i have the manual test kits, some are kind of technical. Especially if ur kids ask u a question and you forgot how many drops u added. i dont have a apex either right now. But eventually i will buy the apex and a trident. Basically to reduce user error, reduce...