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  1. watson5

    T5 supplements

    2xActinic and 2xBlue plus...IF you were going with this setup, what LED, if any, would you add in ? I like the white/UV that I can add in with my primes, but I want something a little more streamlined into the fixture
  2. watson5

    Looking to get rid of some AI 16hd..

    Looking to get rid of three total, its not the look I wanted in the hybrid setup...I will be getting rid of one immediately in the Hammond area and the others to follow in the next month..Light and 12in flexi arm (new model bracket) for $185...Willing to entertain any trade ideas that include...
  3. watson5

    PAR Meter

    Looking to borrow a PAR meter in the Hammond area..Willing to drive a little and drop off a six pack or equivalent
  4. watson5

    Difference in Color

    I'm almost ready to mount my Hybrid and was advised to use 2x blue plus and 2x Actinic..I'm fine with this, as I can easily balance that out with 2xAI16s..My question is in regards to "true actinic","super actinic" and "actinic blue"...The rec was based on ATI but all I have locally to me are...
  5. watson5

    Lawyer needed...

    Is anyone familiar with a lawyer that specializes in workplace issues? I'm not even sure where to start but would like one to at least hear my case
  6. watson5

    Switch from LED to T5, full time

    Any reason that I should not go from two x Prime 16s, to a 4 bulb t-5 setup ?
  7. watson5

    Harlequin Shrimp- please close

    Anyone interested in a pair ? Bought them on a whim last week and while they definitely have personality, its at the back side of my tank where they've made their home...FML...Hammond area
  8. watson5

    ISO: 24-36in Hybrid T5

    Looking for a t5 retrofit kit or possible full setup within these dimensions..
  9. watson5

    JBJ 25

    I'm really into the ease of these all ins, lately...Anyone running a JBJ 25 setup ? current owner uses the sock filter, but I'm not sure I'm going that direction...back of this one is honestly the largest compartment I've seen on an AIO
  10. watson5

    ISO: Lagoon style tank

    I'm really digging the footprint of these tanks vs something that is 18+in high..
  11. watson5

    ISO: Hanna Checkers

    Probably the Alk, Phosphate and Calcium ones...Not sure I want to go all in full price until I've tried them
  12. watson5

    13.5 Coming together...

    After working for four years from home, I took a job a few months back knowing that I would have to scale back my tank and found this gem...Little did I know that I would quickly become an essential employee and have even less time than I thought...I honestly thought about setting up a work tank...
  13. watson5

    Looking for lighting

    For a fluval 13.5 ..slight wide build but not very tall footprint ..Wouldn't mind an older prime/kessil or something of that sort..Bigger "boxier" ones are not going to work in this case
  14. watson5


    Does anyone in the South La area have any available mangroves ? I'm messing around with a smaller tank for a different room and its really tough to keep the levels legit without some sort of chemical pour..TiA
  15. watson5

    Pretty sure its ich....

    After moving some fish around and into a smaller aquarium over the last week, my clown has developed what appears to be white mite looking things on her..Eyes are looking a little cloudy and although she has always been lazy, now she is less active.. I've already gotten her into an even smaller...
  16. watson5

    40G All in one

    Keep this thing from going in storage....I think $200 is pretty fair, welcome to PM with offers..Yes, I ran some clear caulk over the black in some spots that was my bad, obviously...
  17. watson5

    Innovative Marine AIO SOLD

    40g all in one . Tank has been running salt for the last year and so far so good. Comes with everything pictured (rocks, livestock). Looking to get $300 as few corals independently would be half that. Light is currently just a Fluval Sea pendant used since my Prime HD took a dip. PM with any...
  18. watson5

    Six bulb T5 fixture

    I've messaged someone who posted one for sale and they couldn't find the make/ legit has 6 bulbs and is only 24 inches... anyone have any ideas before I commit to it ?
  19. watson5

    Looking for stocking advice

    TL;DR: Lemon peel angel that eats LPS stays..Should I focus on SPS ? After a rough few months with our Lemon Peel RuPaul, (if you've seen one go from white light to blue, it works) I've had to adjust my tank strategy a little..I feel like we have a toddler in the tank and whatever fits in its...
  20. watson5

    MacBook Air

    Late 2010 model, letting go for around $400...Finally worked my way off of it and wiped it with new IOS