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    Old Newby

    Just getting back into the hobby for my 14 year old daughter. Looking to set up something small and easy. Give me your suggestions. What's the best store in BR? Any good used equipment available? Good to be back!
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    Not new just haven't been on in a while!

    Hello all, it has been a few years since I have been on this Board. Tank still up and running just not well, had to break it down and leave fish in tubs and garbage cans for a few weeks while floors were replaced, tank never recovered. Trying to get back into it and alleviate the eyesore that...
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    My Hydor Koralia just died

    I noticed it was not working and I reached in to tap it. The small cut on my finger tingled from the presence of stray current. I removed the powerhead and searched for warranty information. I was lucky enough to find all of my receipts and packaging and I was also pleased to find that the...
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    Starting a discussion

    Just wanted to post my experiences. I have never been much for LFS. The quality, price and paying sales tax was a bigger turnoff than the convenience and instant gratification LFS purchase provide. So I went through the traditional online search and destroy. Stuff arriving dead, CSR...
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    Some pics after the move.

    I included some pics of the containers with the Maxijets trading water around. I changed up the rockwork. Now I am ready for some new guest...ordered some snails and hermits, will work from there. Tell me what you think. Some of the tank inhabitants didnt fare so well.
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    Making a tank move

    Does any have suggestions on making a tank slightly mobile? My tank was too close to the wall, and it seems to have damaged the paint and a little of the sheet rock with salt creep and a little spray. I have seen those felt bottom things that make it easy to slide heavy stuff on hard...
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    Major Input needed.

    Okay, quick update. I got my hardwood floors installed. Prequel- Sunday Night 1. I set up several containers to hold my LR fish and etc. 2. I took out all my LR 3. Took out all living things that I could find. 4. Set up flow in various containers 5. Drained most of the water out of...
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    Tanks, Floors, Suggestions

    I am having hard wood floors put in within the next week and a half. I am worried about moving the tank. I know I have not been doing a whole lot lately but for some reason my tank is pretty stable and all its few inhabitants seem happy. How should I go about moving the tank? SHould I...
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    Has anyone heard of these lights

    ViaAqua, they are super cheap. ... 3a/page/3/ I know someone has heard of these somewhere.
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    looking to buy some bottom feeders

    I need to re-up my cleaning crew in the a big way. Who has the best deal....I would love to shop local but I am looking for the most bang for my buck.
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    Not new, but just trying to get back in the fold.

    90 gallon saltwater, Running 8 T-5's that need to be replaced. Bout 150 lbs of rock and 100 pds of sand...if I remember right. Clown, Fox Face, blue Tang, Mandarin, and 4 little yellow tail blue damsels. Damn this club has grown!!!!
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    Not new but!

    Almost 11,000 messages since I have been here. My how you have grown! I know I have missed out on alot, but I am back now. 1. Need a snails and crabs. *Where is the best place locally to get them or online? 2.I think it is time to replace my lights. I am running t-5s for about...
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    In Covington today

    going to see the 300 in Imax in Covington....any good fish stores open on Sundays in that area? I know I used to hear about a place but it has been quite some time now.
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    I missed the meeting. I missed the giveaways. I missed the beers. Not my fault, so could somebody please give me a recap of the entire event. Plus, Wes, hit me up
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    D.I.Y. Skimmers

    I found these links on RC...I think it would be a great project for a future meeting, we all show up and production line these skimmers...anyone interested ... id=1032294 ... id=1056915 I dont have the...
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    Anyone with extra macro algae in the Baton Rouge area, hit me up. I am looking for donations if possible.
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    Fitting in a sump.

    funny s&^%e is!. I cant get the damn sump under my tank. I have the tank near flush with the wall, and I cant fit the sump in through the front. I am trying to figure out if the center brace in the front of my tank is weight bearing. I think it would be eaisier to remove it as opposed...
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    Hair Algae and Snails

    ello all, I have not been able to read and post much lately. So as my free time suffers so does my tank. I am having a major Hair Algae problem. I am going to start cutting back my lighting and doing more frequent water changes. I think that will cut the problem, but I cant figure out...
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    I am thinking about placing an order. Trying to gauge interest. I am in Baton Rouge and would be cool with local orders, unless you guys feel like traveling! :shock:
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    Help...broke my skimmer!

    I started F'ing with my skimmer last night. I was trying to pull apart something that was supposed to be unscrewd. Now the shyte is in pieces. Anyone have a skimmer to loan for a little while. I am trying to order parts. The pieces that are borken connect the tube with the pump! How...