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  1. watson5

    Jebao vs. Name brand equipment

    I've got an SLW-10 and have been pretty impressed with what I got vs what I paid
  2. watson5


    I've got some 2-3 inch tall, pencil sized stalks in Hammon
  3. watson5

    Seneye reef

    I've wondered how reliable the reading are for them
  4. watson5

    Goni sell this -Lafayette

    I have a deep red and a teal one, if I can figure out how to frag them..Both racquet ball sized
  5. watson5

    Sold Tank and equipment

    Hydra 32 for 2 prime 16s lol
  6. watson5

    Sold Tank and equipment

    want a 32 for 2x16?
  7. watson5

    SPS, LPS, Zoas, RBTA - For cheap

    Buy with confidence here
  8. watson5

    Purchase from coral cove Nola

    They have the hardest hours for anyone that doesn't want to be stuck in NoLa traffic
  9. watson5

    Sold large purple stylo frags unmounted and others

    @acanjun reefer sent pm
  10. watson5

    what to believe?

    It is an API test........
  11. watson5

    For Sale Selling couple frags - Lafayette area

    I'd take those off your hands for it
  12. watson5

    For Sale Selling couple frags - Lafayette area

    You still want this light bruh ?
  13. watson5

    T5 supplements

    That's what I'm trying to avoid..I already use two primes but I'm thinking of a UV light bar or something easier
  14. watson5

    T5 supplements

    2xActinic and 2xBlue plus...IF you were going with this setup, what LED, if any, would you add in ? I like the white/UV that I can add in with my primes, but I want something a little more streamlined into the fixture
  15. watson5

    Looking to get rid of some AI 16hd..

    Looking to get rid of three total, its not the look I wanted in the hybrid setup...I will be getting rid of one immediately in the Hammond area and the others to follow in the next month..Light and 12in flexi arm (new model bracket) for $185...Willing to entertain any trade ideas that include...
  16. watson5

    PAR Meter

    Looking to borrow a PAR meter in the Hammond area..Willing to drive a little and drop off a six pack or equivalent
  17. watson5

    Difference in Color

    I'm almost ready to mount my Hybrid and was advised to use 2x blue plus and 2x Actinic..I'm fine with this, as I can easily balance that out with 2xAI16s..My question is in regards to "true actinic","super actinic" and "actinic blue"...The rec was based on ATI but all I have locally to me are...
  18. watson5

    Anyone need harlequin shrimp

    I've thought that mine were going to scale into the overflow several times...When it is hungry, you will know..
  19. watson5

    T5 + LED Hybrid Kit

    Aquatic Sealife has some used Hybrids like the ones we spoke about for a ridiculous stupid low..
  20. watson5

    Switch from LED to T5, full time

    Hopefully this will get a few more responses since I have some more information...I'm 99% on buying a fixture for my 40b..Coverage only needs to be in the 28-30in range...Looking at a 2 bulb 24 inch (supplemented with 2 AI 16HDs); 4 bulb 36in hybrid (supplemented with 2 AI 16HDs); Straight up 4...