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  1. merlinr26

    For Sale Tanks and RO buddy

    I have a RO buddy and a few tanks to get rid of. I have no idea how old the cartridges are and I don't have a tds meter but it's cheep $25 SOLD*** 5 gal rimless with freshwater deco, 50watt heater, and net $20 15 gal fluval edge $20 20 gal long used as a sump $20
  2. merlinr26

    For Sale Bubble magus BM100

    I have a bubble-magus BM100 SE 10th anniversary protein skimmer that I would like to trade for something with a smaller footprint. Does anyone have anything that can help me out.
  3. merlinr26

    For Sale Tank trade

    I have 3 tanks that I am getting rid of along with a fluval 106 canister filter, some small aquarium deco. 1st is a 5gal rimless, the second is a fluval 15 tall I believe, and the 3rd is a 20gal long. Willing to trade for some small equipment or just throw me an offer. Since I have to put an...
  4. merlinr26

    Dry/live rock

    Looking for some live or dry rock. Not in a hurry being that I don't have anything set up right now but looking to see what's out there
  5. merlinr26

    HELP Custom sump/fuge build

    Ok so I am building a custom sump/fuge because for the size of space I have available I can't find anything with everything I want in it without having to modify it anyway so, that being said I have never done anything like this before by my self especially the designing part. I drew up a rough...
  6. merlinr26

    Sold 20 long sump with trigger system

    $75 not going to use it Bellatrix wanted to be in the shot lol.
  7. merlinr26

    How To Sump build

    Has anyone around chalmette/new orleans area ever built a custom sump with a refugium? Looking for some guidance and maybe some help. I am gonna try to draw something up of what I am looking for and would like someone to look it over and tell me if it would work. Any help would be great.
  8. merlinr26

    Sold Elos sump w/ ATO reservoir

    Elos sump for sale. $70 obo never used it, it's not going to work for what I want so my loss you gain
  9. merlinr26

    Sold Jbj nano ato

    Never opened $100 brand new
  10. merlinr26

    Sold Sump help

    Ok so I have an elos sump and it's not going to work for what I want. Does anyone have anything they could trade. PM me for more info if needed.
  11. merlinr26

    How To Plumbing question

    Hey guys what is I good but cheep way to plumb to tank. Really don't want to go with soft line but if I have to I will
  12. merlinr26

    Diy sump/fuge

    Question, is the a particular silicone that you have to use in reef tanks? If so what kind should I be getting? Thank you in advance.
  13. merlinr26

    How To Tank brands

    Is it possible to find out what brand a tank is? If so how. Thanks
  14. merlinr26

    Sold Nano 2" filter socks

    Bought the wrong ones. $10
  15. merlinr26

    ISO Ato

    Looking for an ato
  16. merlinr26

    Sold 13.5 evo w/ extras

    13.5 fluval evo for sale. Comes with the original led lights, fluval ps2 protein skimmer, AI 16HD prime w/ flex arm mount, plug and water direction kit,screen top with diy clips, aqueon acp500, 50 watt heater, and foam filter block. Asking $250
  17. merlinr26

    45 cube build

    So there has been a change in plans I am not going to do the 13.5 evo build now I am gonna go with a 53 cube. Going pick up some more goodies this weekend the get the build a little closer. More pictures to follow
  18. merlinr26

    13.5 evo build

    Finally got everything I need and now the build starts. Can't wait to get it going.
  19. merlinr26

    For Sale 2018 Chevy equinox wheels

    2018 Chevrolet equinox stock 17" wheels without TPS sensors. $350
  20. merlinr26

    Sold BRS 100w heater

    100w titanium heater. Never used not gonna work for what I bought it for. $40