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  1. hammondreef

    6g freshwater setup

    Gave fresh water a try.... Just isnt for me. Selling my 6 gallon setup Aqueon frameless 6 Fluval plant 3.0 Fluval Co2 kit Aquatop heater AquaClear 50 filter Various plants, rock, driftwood, 4 neons and a oto cat. It's up and running $150 obo, its at my work in Lafayette
  2. hammondreef

    Sold sold

    Brand new AI prime 16HD sealed in box. Black in color. Comes with flex mount. Went in a different direction. Asking $180 obo. Located around Lafayette
  3. hammondreef

    3x1.5L dosing container, New

    Selling my brand new coral box dosing container. 3 x 1.5L, has lines, feed tubes and stirrers. Asking $50, located in Lafayette area
  4. hammondreef


    Taking a break for a bit while I continue rehabilitating my arm. Just don't have time to maintain it right now, so its up for sale. 10g waterbox, no scatches 2 filter socks AI prime hd with ridged arm SWL-10 fan power head heater Auto Aqua ATO with 5g reservoir Biocube v2 needle wheel skimmer...
  5. hammondreef

    Equipment for sale, updated

    AI hydra 52 AND AI vega that was converted to a Hydra 52 by Aqua Illuminations with AI director $400 Kalwasser stirrer $50 Trigger systems crystal elite 36 sump $100, small crack on top lip thats been repaired. Elos glass sump, 19"L x 19"T x 16"D, Skimmer/return champer: 9.5x19x16 Ato reservoir...
  6. hammondreef

    Jebao SLW pumps

    Just thought I'd share my thoughts and experiences with jebao's new slw pumps. Ive been running a slw10 in my water box 20 for about two months. If your thinking about getting one I can honestly say these are awesome pumps (so far). Its a super wide flow pattern, low pressure but high volume...
  7. hammondreef

    Sold, please close

    Getting rid of my qt setup. Standard 75 gallon with cheapo pine stand. Been using it as a gt tank for about a year. I have an eshopps wetdry sump and overflow for it also. $100 obo once all the fish are sold out of it. Its in Carencro
  8. hammondreef


    Decided not to setup my 150, so the fish that have been in quarentine for the last year are up for sale. Located close to Carencro. Blue tang, 3-4 inches, $50 Foxface lo, 5 inches, $50 2 Barr Rabbit fish, 5-6 inches, $40 All fish are fat and healthy, been in qt for over a year, all were...
  9. hammondreef


    Brand new in box Eshopps eclipse S overflow. Never opened, comes with overflow kit, template and hole saw. Asking $80, located in Lafayette
  10. hammondreef

    Please close, threw it way

    Bought for a smaller aquarium and it didnt end up fitting, Rio Nano skimmer, say...$20 obo, located in Carencro, can pick up in Lafayette also
  11. hammondreef

    Tunze nano ATO and Hydor wave pump

    Clearing out more stuff. Have a tunze Osmolator nano 3152, its missing the float mount, but works fine, $50. Also have a Hydor Koralia 850 gph wave pump, $20. Located in Carencro, but can be picked up in Lafayette during the week
  12. hammondreef

    Sold, please close

    Got this as a bulk deal, I never personally set it up and dont have a need for it. Needs overflow box build and I'd add a center brace, but holds water with no leaks. Comes with trigger 30 sump, reef octopus classic 150 skimmer, couple of t5's, and a black box led light. I'll toss in a return...
  13. hammondreef

    Sold, please close

    Bought this a while back, but never got around to setting it up. Comes with Fluval 13.5 still in the box, New Fluval PS2 skimmer, 17 lbs of Reef Rocks 2.1 nano thats been sitting in saltwater and a damsel for a couple of months. New sand (still in package), salt mix and a hydrometer. Asking $250...
  14. hammondreef

    looking for chaeto and a two fishes phosban 150 reactor in lafayette

    As the title states, I'm looking for some chaeto and a phosban reactor in lafayette if anyone has some laying around, thanks.
  15. hammondreef

    Reef octopus classic 110 int

    Selling my protein skimmer, it's a reef octopus 110 int. Works great, just going larger for my 180 build. Asking $120 obo, located in Lafayette
  16. hammondreef

    Hang on back protein skimmer

    Looking for cheap hob skimmer for a qt tank in the Lafayette area, thanks everyone
  17. hammondreef

    Looking for 40 breeder and stand

    Looking for 40 breeder and stand around Lafayette
  18. hammondreef

    Sold, please close

    selling my ecotech mp10 quiet drive. Has brand new wet side still in box, $180, located in Lafayette Also have another mp10 quiet drive, just the control and power supply, needs a wet and dry side, say $20
  19. hammondreef

    Please close

    About to drop 2k at my local fish store, but though id check and see what's out there. Looking for a larger system with a nicer stand/canopy, no pine box store stuff. Preferably near Lafayette, want to stay under $1500, but can go up to 2k for a really nice setup, thanks.
  20. hammondreef

    Where can I can Black acrylic around Lafayette?

    Looking for a source for black acrylic sheet, 1/4 thick around Lafayette. Anyone know who sells it? Thanks.