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  1. Grabloids

    Jebao vs. Name brand equipment

    A long time ago I used quite a bit of Jebao products. Time and time again I was bit in the butt because the items would simply crap out on me. My idea was it was cheap, I would get some use out of it and wouldn't be costly to replace. After about 4 times of replacing their smaller powerheads, I...
  2. Grabloids

    Officially back with a 75

    Finally going to start my build thread. It's not going to be a quick one by any means but it is what it is. I picked up a 40 gallon breeder at the $1/gal sale for the purpose of it being a small display. I got it to the house for the wife to tell me it wasn't big enough because she enjoys the...
  3. Grabloids

    Forum Activity

    Where is everyone? This forum used to be bumping right along. I know a good bit of members were from southern La, hope they made it through the hurricanes ok. Do they still do group buys, grow out contests, meets, etc? Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  4. Grabloids

    Sch 40 vs. Sch 80

    I've noticed more and more people plumbing with schedule 80. I'm well aware for the thicker walls for pressure reasons. When it comes to drains there is little pressure, and unless you're running some massive returns or closed loops, what is the purpose for using the 80? Is it for looks? Is it...
  5. Grabloids

    Funny because it's true!

    [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  6. Grabloids

    Painting the back glass

    So its been forever since I've done any of this and things change over time. Can yall tell me what would be the best type of paint to use on the back of the display. I want to go with black, but I also do want to deal with any flaking over time. Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  7. Grabloids

    Fiji Cube External Overflow

    I'm posting this as a minor complaint. I ordered a Fiji Cube external overflow for a upcoming build. Nice quality box, came with bulkheads, glass template, hole saw, and a quick set of instructions. I'm used to internal overflows so this one will be new to me. Based off of the set of...
  8. Grabloids

    Chalices for sale

    Tyree Original Watermelon Two 3 eye frags $60 each 6 eye frag $120 2 eye frag $40 Birthday Cake 4 eye frag $60 7 eye frag $100 Miami Hurricane 12 eye frag $42 11 eye frag $38 Green Mycedium 2" frag $25 Bazooka Joe (middle) Two 3 eye frags $75 each 6 eye frag $150 Hollywood Stunner...
  9. Grabloids

    60 gallon set up for sale

    Getting completely out, guys. I selling everything I have. I might get back in once we get in the new house. 36"x18"x22" with center black column overflow and 41" tall stand with vented matching canopy 20L four chamber sump that hold two 4" socks with 8-10 spare socks Bubble Magus NAC 6...
  10. Grabloids

    225 gallon tank and equipment for sale

    Im getting things ready to get out of here. Im not going to take any tanks with us, so they gotta go. Glass Cages 225 60" Long x 36" front to back x 25" tall. Tank is glass, euro braced, and has almost a full coast to coast overflow. The overflow has the black acrylic cover, and has three...
  11. Grabloids

    Some Millis and Acros for sale

    Got some Millis and Acros for sale Tri Color Milli $25 each Wet Thumbs Mother of Pearl $45 each Raspberry Limeade Milli $25 Reef Raft Aussie Gold Acro $25-65 depending on size
  12. Grabloids

    Grabloids 125 part out thread (Pics posted)

    Im going to part out this whole system guys. System is 3 years old, some of the livestock is over 7 years old. The entire back glass is covered in corals!! It has matured very well but needs to go. If you are interested in a certain piece and want a closer pic let me know. I will put up...
  13. Grabloids

    Looking for Xenia near central La

    Looking for any type of xenia near central La. Looking for some for my grandmas cube, I got corals to trade or good ole cash. Thanks
  14. Grabloids

    125 gal Livestock and Equipment SOLD

    The time has come for me to take a break. So I am going to put the 125 up for sale. As of now I am going to keep my 65 but I may get out completely for a while. At least until I finish the 225 build. For those of you that have seen the 125, you will know already that almost every coral in...
  15. Grabloids

    Slowing down with reefing to travel with the family.

    It has been a while since I've been on, the wife and I are getting into the RV scene with the kiddos. Anyone else on here into camping? We picked up our home away from home last week in Mississippi. Here is our camper, 34ft Rockwood Signature Ultra-Lite dual slide, sleeps 9
  16. Grabloids's only money!

    Anyone want to take a guess how much this build would cost? ... ?t=2391310
  17. Grabloids

    A Little bit of Humor

    I figured I would start a thread for us to share some videos or pictures of things that made you crack a smile or let out a chuckle. I will go first with the classic Tv Meteor Prank
  18. Grabloids

    Eaten Alive on Discovery???

    Is this the point that we have arrived to with reality tv, watching this moron feed himself to a anaconda? WHY?! What is the point? Surely it will not end well for the snake.
  19. Grabloids

    New Rainbow BTA and old bubble coral

    Tsasseri hooked me up with one of his rainbows, man you are talking about one FIRE piece here! My poor camera skills in no was justifies the colors of this thing. Neon green base turns into yellow, orange bubbles with hot pink / red tips! I had to move my bubble coral to house the rock...
  20. Grabloids

    New movies on the way!!

    First off, "He's back!" The official Terminator Genisys trailer has been released! Also the new Bond (24) named Spectre ... ed-to-star Both of my boys are back! On a side note I hope both of these new...