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  1. larryndana04

    Is there ANYTHING I can do?

    Gotta hate when you look at your finger and see a bunch of tiny white stinger things on it after working inside a tank, ha!
  2. larryndana04

    The results of the spending spree

    Thanks, wish I had more time! Edit - I should clarify....time to have a tank.
  3. larryndana04

    FS: hammers and torches

    That hammers fine man!
  4. larryndana04

    FS: hammers and torches

    Is the rainbow hammer on the left in that picture, if so, wow that's an awesome hammer!
  5. larryndana04

    The results of the spending spree

    Nice additions, Jorge!
  6. larryndana04

    Anybody seen this?

    Oh, that's nice!
  7. larryndana04

    LiveAquaria switching from Fedex to UPS

    Ha, it has been a while, I decided to do a little lurking tonight!
  8. larryndana04

    LiveAquaria switching from Fedex to UPS

    I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight! This is disturbing news!
  9. larryndana04

    You can hear the crickets !

  10. larryndana04

    sps pack ForSale.

    Last i heard, Dave had the last piece, hopefully still growing. Can't find a photo of it right now.
  11. larryndana04

    6622 posts!!

    wow, 10481, has it been that long, haha. just been to busy and to much going on, hope all is well with everyone.
  12. larryndana04

    It's a girl!!

    that's great, congratulations!
  13. larryndana04

    6622 posts!!

    Amazing, there have been 6622 posts since I last logged in. I've been away for a while I guess, lol. Who's been posting like crazy?
  14. larryndana04

    Local clean up crew

    thanks, rob. we don't keep to much in stock at the moment, just doing group buys every so often.
  15. larryndana04


    Hey... knock a self a pro, Slick! That gray matter backlot perform us DOWN, I take TCB-in', man!
  16. larryndana04

    So this is what SHOW size means

    thats what she said!
  17. larryndana04

    33 Year Anniversary

    Congrats, thats awesome!!
  18. larryndana04

    Acrylic Sump Builders

    dfisch1 can make some nice acrylic pieces. also, most vendors can get custom acrylic tanks built!
  19. larryndana04

    Lucky corals

    if you would have paid for those two they would be doa for sure, at least thats how it would have happened for me, lol.
  20. larryndana04

    MP60 next to MP40

    thats what she said!