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  1. HollieTrahan

    Little fish

    Looking to rehome: 1-clownfish 1-barnacle blenny 1-pistol shrimp All fish were quarantined and are about 1 year old. I am in the Lafayette area.
  2. HollieTrahan

    Pictus Blenny

    I will be getting a pictus blenny today and was wondering if anyone has one and how did you quarantine it.
  3. HollieTrahan

    Platy babies

    If anyone wants a platy baby, I have a few.
  4. HollieTrahan

    What’s wrong with my clown

    Can anyone help me? Clown was fine this morning now he looks like this. I had my water tested everything was good. Should I take him out?? What do I do?
  5. HollieTrahan


    I have been wanting a barnacle blenny since I’ve set up my aquarium. Everywhere I have gone was sold out or couldn’t get one. Then this Friday when I was searching up the internet I saw that live aquaria FINALLY had one in stock!!! Yay!! I ordered three fish, 2 for my brother and the 1 barnacle...