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  1. larryndana04

    6622 posts!!

    Amazing, there have been 6622 posts since I last logged in. I've been away for a while I guess, lol. Who's been posting like crazy?
  2. larryndana04

    Automatic Liquid Level Controllers - Auto topoff

    Great product, super accurate. I can't remember where I got this controller from but it has worked flawlessly for me, not sure if there are any other reviews that might be different. I've been using this one for over 2 years maybe 3 or more, can't remember that far back, haha. Just wanted to...
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    ok, so what if i gave in....

    so a few weeks ago, the wife is available for an upgrade on her phone. she had her mind made up, she knew exactly which phone she wanted....until i told her that everyone at work has an iphone and then she looked at it and.... yeah so....she got an iphone. so the story goes on.... i couldn't...
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    Display Size

    I've wanted to upgrade every display tank i've ever had, haha. Makes me wonder if anyone else has that problem, well anywho whats your dream tank size? If you had the money, what size tank would you get? Something that you would be able to maintain, not like a 10,000 gallon system. Mine...
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    I figured I'd dust the ol' camera off tonight. I was going to get some pictures of some equipment I need to sell but then my battery died while I was getting some coral shots, oh well. anywho, here are some pics from tonight. T5 bulbs, thanks for looking!
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    What happened to the chat room? Use to have several people there nightly, chatting reef....well mostly. !imp! what gives? !imp!
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    need williamjacobs number

    if you have his number please text me or call me with it, 985-351-3081, thanks.
  8. larryndana04

    brs new site!

    anyone check out bulkreefsupplies new site? pretty nice!
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    home phone?

    With all the cell phones these days, who still has a home phone? Just curious!
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    Good News and Bad News!

    Good? Well This is my 1000th post. I'd like to thank my family for their support and ah.... haha. Well, its just 1000. Can't really compete with JT, I believe he's got a bot that auto answers posts. Haha sorry JT! Bad....! Well sadly....I didn't make it through the third round of lay offs...
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    New from ORA - Platinum Percula Clownfish

    New fish from ORA. The Platinum Percula Clownfish. Derived from their famous Picasso Clownfish. A white Clownfish which develops orange and then black fins as it matures, and retains some orange color in the face. They say its from years of selective breeding. Found some pictures, and a...
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    Breaking News!!!!

    Click the link -Treasury Department
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    Vortech MP10

    check their website out!
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    The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act (H.R. 669)

    I've had this emailed to me from a few wholesalers today!
  15. larryndana04

    What every man wants in bed!

    Just got this today, its awesome! huh, i wish! :lol:
  16. larryndana04

    LE Aussie Blue

    Post your pictures if you got them. There have been several sold, so they are out there, lets see them. these two are sold, so this isn't a sale! this is just a picture thread!
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    good looking eye candy!
  18. larryndana04

    I'm so sad!

    I missed the deadline, I can't believe it! ... re=related Peace and Love - Peace and Love
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    Star Id!

    Found this guy about a week ago, no telling where it came from! I finally got some pics last night! ??????????????????
  20. larryndana04

    Battery air pump

    What is the best, or most used battery backup air pump?