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  1. Brinkfish312

    Brink's new 215g

    Ok, so I may be starting this a bit early, but I wanted to at least start the thread before I forget to do it later. We've been out of the hobby for 4 years while living overseas, and while that doesn't sound like a long time, it's long enough to feel like you've forgotten everything you need to...
  2. Brinkfish312

    Aquatic Life T5 hybrid question

    We are trying to figure out lighting for the new tank (hopefully coming soon :P), and it's a bit overwhelming with brands, prices, stats, etc.. The lights we had on our previous 210g tank a few years ago were 2 cheap chinese led's off of ebay, and honestly did a good job of growing the corals...
  3. Brinkfish312

    Just moved back

    Hey ya'll! We just moved back into the area, been overseas the last 4 years, and are getting back into the hobby. We missed our tank SO much! Of course I feel like we forgot everything we ever knew, which wasn't much lol. We have ordered a 215g , so hopefully we can be up and running in the next...
  4. Brinkfish312

    Tanks for sale

    Sorry for the crappy pics, these have since been drained and are awaiting pickup in Shreveport. I have a 28g bowfront with stand, light, hob filter, heater, extra light bulb, filters, and some misc items $75.00 And a 40g bowfront with stand, light, heater, hob filter, and Hydor powerhead...
  5. Brinkfish312

    Fish for sale

    These are the few leftovers that did not get added to the new tank, so they need new homes. Please message if a pic is necessary and I'll try to get one. Blue Damsel- $5 Dwarf Flame Angel- $15- SOLD Sailfin Tang- $40 Desjardini Tang- $40 Maroon Clown? (sort of brownish, cinnamon colored/white...
  6. Brinkfish312

    75g setup for sale- SOLD please close

    75g with stand, canopy, 20g sump, e.t.s.s. protein skimmer, Rio 2500 return pump, HOB overflow. Glass has some scratches, Great starter tank! $250 for all.
  7. Brinkfish312

    Brut lids??

    Does anyone know where you can get lids for the brut cans? Just the lids? I can't find anyone that will sell them without the can. Or someone that might have extra they don't need? Thanks
  8. Brinkfish312

    Sailfin tangs- merging thread, please close

    Sailfin tang and Desjardini Tang: Aquired these 2 guys with the tank we bought from someone a couple weeks ago, but they are not going to fit in well with the livestock we plan to put in it so they need new homes. They came with some head errosion so I've been feeding vitamin suppliments to help...
  9. Brinkfish312

    Purple Tang FS - SOLD!!

    Medium size maybe, about 6". $180. Pick up in Shreveport. Speckles are from glass/water, used phone, sorry.
  10. Brinkfish312

    Brink's "Take 2" Tank

    I'm starting a new project, so starting a new thread to go with it. We aquired quite an upgrade from a fellow LARC member so we will be moving from our 75g into a 210g. Wow! Talk about space! This is a 7 footer, 84" x 24" x 24", but fits perfectly in the space. It is a peninsula style that will...
  11. Brinkfish312

    Looking for BTA

    Looking for small BTA for 10g, reasonable price; this is just for my little clown tank, doesn't need to be fancy. In Shreveport. Thank you!
  12. Brinkfish312

    Looking for LED for 10g in Shreveport- Found

    Looking for something reasonable $$-wise for my 10g, needs to be strong enough for some small corals/palys and a BTA that I will be looking for also. Please and thank you! [emoji3]
  13. Brinkfish312

    Anemone collectors? - SOLD

    Is there any rare collectors out there that would be interested in a Hellfire Anemone? Very vibrant. Please let me know, I'm sure that this is beyond my experience and would like him to have a good home. Asking $250
  14. Brinkfish312

    Flame angel-SOLD

    Dwarf flame angel for sale $15. It's beautiful and healthy, just changing the direction of livestock in our tank. Pick up in Shreveport. Thanks!
  15. Brinkfish312

    Halloween Urchin- PLEASE CLOSE

    Halloween Urchin for sale $25. Very cool coloration, spikes of orange within the black stripes. In Shreveport.
  16. Brinkfish312

    Fauna Marin

    Does anyone have a bottle they're willing to sell, or know where I can get some Fauna Marin Ultra Algea X?? I can't seem to find any available anywhere. I won't order from a UK website unless verified as reputable, if yall knew how much fraud came from UK and Canada you'd be astounded. We are...
  17. Brinkfish312

    Black vs. opaque

    I've seen a few people talk briefly about the black vinyl tubing or pvc supposedly being better protection against algae buildup than the clear or opaque tubing. Can someone explain this theory to me? Does it only have to do with the light? How do we know the black doesn't accumulate algae, we...
  18. Brinkfish312

    Swollen Paly

    Any idea why the neck of this paly would look all swollen like this? And cause him to not want to open that much?
  19. Brinkfish312

    UV lighting?

    I saw a tank recently in person that had UV lighting and it looked amazingly awesome. If I wanted to add this to my tank for moonlighting or visual appeal, can someone tell me what format these lights come in? LED? A bulb? I've had trouble finding them online, but maybe I don't know exactly what...
  20. Brinkfish312

    Weird spot on clown tail

    I searched through the disease thread in this forum and didn't see anything that described what this could be. It's a brownish color and only on this one side, not showing on the other. Sorry for the bad pics, you know how fast these fish flick around, I did my best. I just need to know if I...