1. I'm a natural blue

    SOLD - 90 gallon full set up for sale

    SOLD: $1,000 Cash Only. Pick up only located in Metairie, La. Bring help! Cross posted. Here is what is included 90 Gallon Planet Aquarium triple drain Purchased brand new May 2017 48"l x 24'h x 18"w Excellent condition BioTec Marine Bio 36 Sump (acrylic) Purchased Brand new April 2017 four...
  2. I'm a natural blue

    90g Full Set up for Sale

    UPDATE: 5/10/18. I am doing a partial break down. Selling all livestock. Will create new thread in "Live Stock" forum. Seek "90g Breakdown: Livestock for sale" as some of the livestock listed below is pending sale. Cross posted. Serious inquiries only!!!! Not parting out at this time. Tank...