1. CenlaReefer

    When to use nori or not

    I am the proud owner of a lawnmower blenny for the first time. This fish was having lots or nori before I got it. This was because Bobby Miller (Humblefish) had it in an acclimation/recovery tank that was mostly void of algae after it was quarantined. Now it is in my softie-only system that...
  2. osborneag

    Used Algae Turf Scrubber w/ 1600GPH Powerhead & Slot Cover- $100 OBO

    Algae Turf Scrubber w/1600GPH Powerhead Model- DB-2500 & Slot Cover; includes mounting hooks I used to hang over my sump. A friend convinced me I was trying to do too much and not doing much of anything well, so I decided to simplify my sump and remove my ATS. If you have space in your sump...
  3. Nola70115

    Green Cyano? Diatoms? What is happening here?

    Hi all - I just got back from a week at the beach. Cleaned the algae off the glass and... WHAT THE FRACK IS THAT STUFF? Green bubbly snot all over my protein skimmer and circulation pump? There's also some long brown hair stuff coming from my mini-fuge, with more of the bubbly snot on it and...