aquarium for sale

  1. Eileash

    Leaving the hobby

    I am getting out of the saltwater hobby. I just don't have the time so I'm selling all my pieces. I'd like to sell it all for 400$, but I'll sell it in separate pieces too. 37 gallon bow front with stand -100$ T5 lighting system - 40$ RO water filter - $180
  2. Woodo15

    Deep Blue 30g Rimless Tank RR

    This tank has never seen saltwater. There's a small chip from moving the tank, but other than that it's in great condition. The tank is baffled/drilled and comes with bulkheads/plumping. $175
  3. Kallabos

    Moving everything must go, Big Lot, Priced to Move Fast!

    My lost is your gain. Most equipment is 2 years or less old that is listed. The 75 and 20 Gallon is up and running. I Have over 11k invested, all Purchased retail. Asking 25%, $3000.00 of what I paid for quick sale. 4 Fish Tanks 75 Gallon ---- Main Tank 30 Gallon ---used as Sump 20 Gallon...