1. ReefJeeves

    Small cube aquarium

    Does anyone have a small cube aquarium laying around? I’m looking for a 14/16 biocube, 12 gallon jbj, 15 gallon water box, etc. I have a 14 biocube running but I am over the built in filtration and want to gut it. I would rather have one ready to go drilled and set up so I can just swap it...
  2. ReefJeeves

    14 Gallon Biocube

    so I have recently started a 14 gallon coralife biocube as an upgrade from my 5 gallon Evo. We recently moved from Baton Rouge back to Harahan and with a temporary living situation I am allowed 1 tank. It will be a soft coral tank with a focus on inverts and a couple of small fish. I meant to...
  3. ReefJeeves

    Nano reef led

    Looking for a used led for my biocube retrofit. Currently have a little cheap led (aqua knight) but I am having some issues with it. I am looking for a kessil a used 80 tuna blue or similar light. Or maybe a smaller black box.