1. HomeTeam

    110g tank trade for corals

    This is for a 110g tall aquarium. I have no use for it anymore. With the tank comes with a CPR overflow, DC controllable skimmer, 800g/hr return pump and 20gal tank for sump. Will accept cash but prefer corals for trade. Open to any corals as I have a sps/lps setup and a soft coral setup...
  2. R

    Birdsnest, gsp, mushroom

    Huuuuge birdsnest colonies, over 1ft long and 8 inches wide $300 obo football sized gsp rock $200 obo over 10 head mushroom rock $125 obo 337 212 8996 Lafayette
  3. CenlaReefer

    Preventing SPS combat

    I am trying out a method to keep various SPS from approximating each other, resulting in combat between 2 colonies. I am placing reef-safe epoxy putty strips between the 2 corals. Once a coral grows over the epoxy and gets close to the opposite side of the strip, I plan to break off the coral...
  4. HomeTeam

    Sold Lamarck for trade

    Extremely active and eats like crazy. Not the most colorful fish but when it gets larger they look really cool with streamers. Looking to trade for coral. LPS or SPS is al that I’m really intimate. Not really looking to travel too far. I’m in the Lafayette/Youngsville area.
  5. Typlus5

    Space Invader Pectina Settling in Nicely

    Got this awesome frag from Coral Fever a month ago, it caught my eye as really doing well after its 30-day acclimation. Thanks @seth&angelle for finally releasing some of this beauty!
  6. CenlaReefer

    favia splitting-off a new colony?

    @seth&angelle at Coral Fever has a colony of this coral he got from me years back. His has a growth like this one does. Is this thing going to split off a new colony? When I feel the growth, it seems to have a separate / loose piece of skeleton in it. Anyone have experience with this? I...
  7. M

    Looking for yellow fiji leather

    hello. Looking for small yellow fiji leather. Im in baton rouge and thibodaux. Dont mind driving a little if its worth it. Thanks.
  8. CenlaReefer

    Bleaching some of my corals

    I'm so very happy to have Jeremy (JerPow83) over to my house today! Not only was he super generous with trading for some frag's, he was able to give me some expert help. He pointed out that I had my SB Reeflight fixture set at too high of an intensity. I was running my blue channel at about...
  9. Daniel Perrin

    Need opinions on this light fixture

    I am looking for a light fixture that is suitable for beginner corals such as but not limited to: frogspawn and zoanthids. What fixture do you think would be best for me, I was thinking about a T5 fixture but i dont know what brand is best. I am looking to spend 100-120. Any ideas? im open to...
  10. Daniel Perrin

    looking for a used 4-bulb T5 fixture

    hey, as the title says im looking for a used 4-bulb T5 fixture that would be suitable for a 40g breeder, so i think that would be 36". i would like to keep the price below 100 if possible. Preferably around the areas around baton rouge and new orleans. I am trying to start my first reef tank...
  11. Daniel Perrin

    New 40g breeder tank

    This is my first post here, but i have a fish only 40g breeder tank stocked with 2 carkii clowns, starry blenny, and a firefish, and i want to start stocking some low light and soft corals, i have never kept coral before, this is my first saltwater tank. Right now i do not have the proper...
  12. N

    Live Rock, Fish, and Coral For Sale in Metairie

    I recently got a lot of great fish and coral from a friend of mine but I just don't have room for all of them. Purple Tang: $150 Brown Leather Coral: $50 Live Rock 45lbs: $130 for all or $3.50/lb Black Midnight Clown: $50 Platinum Clown: $90 Harlequin Shrimp: $20 Sailfin Tang: $60
  13. Stuartpitts8

    Live Rock and Coral Near Baton Rouge

    I am starting my first reef tank and am completing my first cycle. I am currently looking for live rock and coral near the BatonRouge area. Also in search of Sump components