1. R

    Any reefers close to orange area?

    Hey everyone I'm close to Lake Charles and looking to sell some corals. I have a lot of nice pieces. Looking to maybe sell or trade some too.
  2. CenlaReefer


    I love plating and encrusting corals! My somewhat new leptastrea from Pitts337 is one extremely tough and beautiful LPS. When I added my sandbed to the tank, I accidentally left a small frag of leptastrea out overnight exposed to air, thinking it a was a piece of rubble. I put it back in the...
  3. Coral Engineers

    Coral Engineer's Coral Den

  4. Kharsin

    So There's This Jar....

    Well, we (my children and I) finally threw everything into this jar this past Sunday. We'll see how everything goes. We're following the plans laid out in the Jan/Feb 2018 Coral Magazine on Pico Reef Jars as our first foray into salt water. We'll be throwing in a small live rock to seed this jar...
  5. CenlaReefer

    Bleaching some of my corals

    I'm so very happy to have Jeremy (JerPow83) over to my house today! Not only was he super generous with trading for some frag's, he was able to give me some expert help. He pointed out that I had my SB Reeflight fixture set at too high of an intensity. I was running my blue channel at about...
  6. CenlaReefer

    Feeding my 20 gallon frag tank

    I would appreciate everyone's input. First, I let me give a description of my common weekly practice for feeding my 20 gallon frag tank which includes about half-and-half LPS corals and SPS such as stylos (birds nest) and montipora. The tank is connected to a 30 gallon sump along with lots of...
  7. Daniel Perrin

    New 40g breeder tank

    This is my first post here, but i have a fish only 40g breeder tank stocked with 2 carkii clowns, starry blenny, and a firefish, and i want to start stocking some low light and soft corals, i have never kept coral before, this is my first saltwater tank. Right now i do not have the proper...