1. HomeTeam

    110g tank trade for corals

    This is for a 110g tall aquarium. I have no use for it anymore. With the tank comes with a CPR overflow, DC controllable skimmer, 800g/hr return pump and 20gal tank for sump. Will accept cash but prefer corals for trade. Open to any corals as I have a sps/lps setup and a soft coral setup...
  2. CenlaReefer

    BRS video encouraging fish QT

    Hey Bobby (Humblefish), you are mentioned in this video:
  3. Daniel Perrin

    Worst parasite/diseases

    In ya'lls opinions what is the worst parasite/diseases you can get in your tank within the saltwater hobby?
  4. Daniel Perrin

    New 40g breeder tank

    This is my first post here, but i have a fish only 40g breeder tank stocked with 2 carkii clowns, starry blenny, and a firefish, and i want to start stocking some low light and soft corals, i have never kept coral before, this is my first saltwater tank. Right now i do not have the proper...