1. HomeTeam

    Alveopora or Goniopora

    Anyone have any frags or colonies of goniopora, alveopora or bernardpora available. Looking to add a little more movement to my tank.
  2. HomeTeam

    New Member in Youngsville

    Hey all just wanted to introduce myself. Been back in Louisiana for about a year and a half now. Was in Houston for the last 14yrs. Set up my SPS dominant about 4 months ago, it’s just starting to round into shape. Just wanted to reach out and meet some local reefers in the area. I was...
  3. ReefJeeves

    Neon Green Rhodactis Mushrooms

    I have some neon green rhodactis mushrooms for sale. These are hardy and grow well and look good under blues. I have pictures of them under white heavy (about 7500k) light. I have 2 pieces of rubble with 2 mushrooms each, and each mushroom is about the size of a quarter. Asking $20 a piece for...
  4. CenlaReefer

    Paying taxes for income earned from reefing?

    Here is a great article that relieved my concern about taxes and this wonderful hobby. I have been wondering if I was breaking the law by selling frags here and there. Dave, the owner of Aquatic Solutions in West Monroe, told me not to be concerned about it at all. Here is an excellent...