1. Pêcheur

    Post storm heater problems

    So since my power was restored yesterday, I started having problems with my breaker fuse tripping. I’ve narrowed down the acute problem to the heater. When I unplug it from the Apex EB832, it stops happening. The heater is 300W. I have a “mini” heater rated for 20G that I currently have plugged...
  2. Pêcheur

    Recharge in Baton Rouge

    Anyone in the BTR area have power that would be willing to let me bring over an ecotech battery for a recharge please contact me. dustin 225-252-1512 it’s currently running 15th on/off but I don’t know how long it will last and I’m picking up a second power source to temporarily run my Nero5...
  3. Pêcheur

    ULNS help

    So it turns out I’m unintentionally running an ULNS and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that and looking for a way to safely transition out. System is 3 months old post fast cycle Tank is 60gal + 15gal sump Tropic Marin Syn-biotic salt (I fear this may be the culprit) 15%-20% water changes...
  4. skydirt

    Movers for 8' x 3' new tank

    Well as the title states I am going to need some help moving a new tank in pretty soon. Just curious if anybody out there has used anyone in particular or had any recommendations. I moved the stand in already and it was bad enough. Three inch square tubing... lol
  5. Eileash

    And here goes my anxiety...

    So I got this guy Friday. I placed him in, he was super happy with polyps extended. Now, since last night, he won’t come out. Checked my water and numbers are less than 5ppm on nitrates and less than .25ppm for phosphates. I turned down the mp10 since most people on forums seem to do the same...