1. Jdub968

    Sick clown

    I’ve had this clown about 3 yrs he has not grown like the other clown added at the same time he’s always been different acting doesn’t usually come out in the open water swims a bit different occasionally he gets what looks like fin rot, comes and goes. Any way a month again I noticed his tail...
  2. CenlaReefer

    BRS video encouraging fish QT

    Hey Bobby (Humblefish), you are mentioned in this video:
  3. P

    Goby/shrimp pair.

    How do you QT a bonded pair?
  4. CenlaReefer

    HumbleFish Aquatics

    I am officially the very first customer of Bobby Miller with HumbleFish Aquatics! ':banana:' One of my 2 small systems is a softie-only 20 gallon tank with all quarantined rock, chaeto, corals, and inverts. Now I have 3 beautiful, professionally quarantined/ disease-free fish. I purchased a...