live rock

  1. Hunter Burns

    45g long

    Have a 45g long tank break down need tank gone and stand gone ,reef octopus hob protein skimmer , 4 live rocks All it needs is some one to clean it , nothing broke or cracked every things in great shape
  2. ReefJeeves

    Branch or Barnacles for tank

    I am looking for Tonga branch, Liferock branch, or large barnacle clusters. I need to create some more hiding places for my fish. I am looking locally second hand before buying some new liferock branch or ordering some barnacle clusters. I am in Baton Rouge but go to Metairie regularly.
  3. Daniel Broussard

    Looking for Base/Live Rock as cheap or free if possible

    Looking to add some rock for my new 75gal build being built this Saturday the 18th. Currently only have a few pieces in my 20long and looking to add some to the 75 to get the cycle started.
  4. N

    45lbs of LIVE ROCK - - - $120 OBO it MUST go TODAY

    Located by Lakeside Mall in Metairie call or text (504)715-5976
  5. N

    Live rock 45lbs for $100 pick up only in Metairie by Lakeside Mall

    As posted we have one rock weighs 14 lbs the other 32lbs. Will sell separate or apart call or text 5zero4 7one5 5976
  6. N

    Live Rock, Fish, and Coral For Sale in Metairie

    I recently got a lot of great fish and coral from a friend of mine but I just don't have room for all of them. Purple Tang: $150 Brown Leather Coral: $50 Live Rock 45lbs: $130 for all or $3.50/lb Black Midnight Clown: $50 Platinum Clown: $90 Harlequin Shrimp: $20 Sailfin Tang: $60
  7. Stuartpitts8

    Live Rock and Coral Near Baton Rouge

    I am starting my first reef tank and am completing my first cycle. I am currently looking for live rock and coral near the BatonRouge area. Also in search of Sump components