1. HomeTeam

    Sold Lamarck for trade

    Extremely active and eats like crazy. Not the most colorful fish but when it gets larger they look really cool with streamers. Looking to trade for coral. LPS or SPS is al that I’m really intimate. Not really looking to travel too far. I’m in the Lafayette/Youngsville area.
  2. HomeTeam

    Alveopora or Goniopora

    Anyone have any frags or colonies of goniopora, alveopora or bernardpora available. Looking to add a little more movement to my tank.
  3. CenlaReefer

    Thankful for a healthy chalice

    I am so very thankful that my absolute favorite coral of all time seems to be one the most healthy corals in my mixed reef tank. These are pics of my jellybean rainbow chalice. Other than growth rate, I believe that some of the best signs of LPS health include tenticle extension and good...
  4. CenlaReefer


    I love plating and encrusting corals! My somewhat new leptastrea from Pitts337 is one extremely tough and beautiful LPS. When I added my sandbed to the tank, I accidentally left a small frag of leptastrea out overnight exposed to air, thinking it a was a piece of rubble. I put it back in the...
  5. Jomama

    Guess this?

    Very rare NPS and LPS coral guess the name?
  6. ReefJeeves

    My Tank - 40B

    So a little background on my tank. I have had a 24g nanocube running since January as a mixed reef. I have also had a 75g predator tank. The two tanks have been a little too much to try and keep up with so i decided to go with one tank in the middle of the two. I decided to go with a simple 40...
  7. CenlaReefer

    Feeding my 20 gallon frag tank

    I would appreciate everyone's input. First, I let me give a description of my common weekly practice for feeding my 20 gallon frag tank which includes about half-and-half LPS corals and SPS such as stylos (birds nest) and montipora. The tank is connected to a 30 gallon sump along with lots of...