1. ReefJeeves

    Neon Green Rhodactis Mushrooms

    I have some neon green rhodactis mushrooms for sale. These are hardy and grow well and look good under blues. I have pictures of them under white heavy (about 7500k) light. I have 2 pieces of rubble with 2 mushrooms each, and each mushroom is about the size of a quarter. Asking $20 a piece for...
  2. E

    Mushrooms, Zoas, and polyps for sale: SOLD

    Hi all, new to the forum. It was suggested to me to join here when asking around about where to trade / sell the corals that are out growing my tank. I have some Blue and Superman Mushrooms available, some red people eater zoas and a few other zoas I am not sure of the names. I also have some...