1. ReefJeeves

    Small cube aquarium

    Does anyone have a small cube aquarium laying around? I’m looking for a 14/16 biocube, 12 gallon jbj, 15 gallon water box, etc. I have a 14 biocube running but I am over the built in filtration and want to gut it. I would rather have one ready to go drilled and set up so I can just swap it...
  2. ReefJeeves

    14 Gallon Biocube

    so I have recently started a 14 gallon coralife biocube as an upgrade from my 5 gallon Evo. We recently moved from Baton Rouge back to Harahan and with a temporary living situation I am allowed 1 tank. It will be a soft coral tank with a focus on inverts and a couple of small fish. I meant to...
  3. ReefJeeves

    Nano reef led

    Looking for a used led for my biocube retrofit. Currently have a little cheap led (aqua knight) but I am having some issues with it. I am looking for a kessil a used 80 tuna blue or similar light. Or maybe a smaller black box.
  4. Eileash

    Just can’t kick the habit.

    So, I’m at it again. I quit around this time last year after coming home from vacation to find my heater broken and all of my fish dead. Feeling heartbroken and frustrated, I sold and gave away what was left. Fast forward to about a month ago, and I found myself researching again. I already have...
  5. S

    JBJ LED Intermediate 28 Gallon with Stand

    Selling a two year old JBJ LED Intermediate aquarium with stand. The aquarium is up and running and has a few corals, snails, crabs and two black and white clownfish. The sale includes the setup as is. Stand included as well. Setup has approximately 25 lbs of live rock as well. I just do not...