1. CenlaReefer

    Sunroom Build

    Because of my wife's health problems I need to cut-down on humidity in the house. I will also need some more living room in our small home. Here is the structure I built using a technique I learned from a builder-friend in NJ. It is called "cordwood construction." This little addition used...
  2. CenlaReefer

    Laid-back & Simple Reef-keeping

    Jake's friend Ali has some great skills yet a laid-back and simple style that I like a whole lot! This is the first time that I have ever heard of this style/technique of setting up a mixed display tank with only a 1-2 SPS colonies. His practice allows for these colonies to get really huge...
  3. Daniel Perrin

    looking for a used 4-bulb T5 fixture

    hey, as the title says im looking for a used 4-bulb T5 fixture that would be suitable for a 40g breeder, so i think that would be 36". i would like to keep the price below 100 if possible. Preferably around the areas around baton rouge and new orleans. I am trying to start my first reef tank...
  4. mamastarfish

    Fluval marine & reef LED lighting 24"-34" $100

    I'm selling my brand new Fluval Marine & Reef Full Spectrum LED light. I've never opened it and it is in perfect brand new condition. Feet adjustable between 24" and 34" fully waterproof description-...