1. ReefJeeves

    Branch or Barnacles for tank

    I am looking for Tonga branch, Liferock branch, or large barnacle clusters. I need to create some more hiding places for my fish. I am looking locally second hand before buying some new liferock branch or ordering some barnacle clusters. I am in Baton Rouge but go to Metairie regularly.
  2. Cajun Reefer


    I've finally thrown in the towel on the hobby. I stored all these items in a spare bedroom for the past 2 years with no return to reefing in sight. With that in mind, I have decide to starting selling off everything. I'm going to start off with these: 90 gallon AGA aquarium -...
  3. Daniel Broussard

    Looking for Base/Live Rock as cheap or free if possible

    Looking to add some rock for my new 75gal build being built this Saturday the 18th. Currently only have a few pieces in my 20long and looking to add some to the 75 to get the cycle started.
  4. N

    45lbs of LIVE ROCK - - - $120 OBO it MUST go TODAY

    Located by Lakeside Mall in Metairie call or text (504)715-5976