1. Pêcheur

    For Sale Used Gear - hanna, skimmer, RODI, pump

    Looking to sell off the last remaining gear I've had sitting around since selling my tank. Located in BTR, Broadmoor subdivision. $100 for Everything not sold or priced as grouped/individually shown below: Tunze 9410 Skimmer w/ AC pump - $60 - has small crack in the body, but it worked...
  2. roid reefs

    Setting up an RODI Unit

    So, I have a three stage rodi unit. Right now I take it and hook it up to the hose outside with one of the fittings that came with it. When I get the time, I have a copper cold water line t'd off. one side goes to the washing machine, the other side goes to a 6" extension that is capped off. I...
  3. joenla00

    AI AWM and Spectrapure RO for sale

    have a AI AWM modem for apex. dont need it bc i bought newer ai HD lights. used for 2 months. guarantee to work. $90 Also have a 180 GPD Spectrapure RO/DI filter. has filter, carbon and DI and 2 ro membranes. It works perfectly but i went with a larger filter system for my 210. the gauge...