1. CenlaReefer

    Digital scale for making SW

    I have been using a cheap Wal-Mart digital scale to help make my SW for about one year. I have found this to help reduce aggravation and save a lot of time. I got the idea from a bread baking book entitled "My Bread" by Jim Lahey. I'm sure that folks can do the math and use larger containers...
  2. ReefJeeves

    Box of Fritz Pro salt And bottle of Monster 460

    i have an brand new box of fritz salt (opened to check inside then taped back up). As I have a small tank I don’t need it. Asking $50 or trade for softies for my nano. I also have a bottle of monster 460 unopened brand new. $10 or trade for a softie frag.
  3. Premiumaq

    New products at Premium Aquatics